10 Summer Don’ts

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1. Don’t be the neighbor with five of those “gazing balls” on your property. They really aren’t cool, and what the heck do they do exactly? One is plenty.

2. Don’t, under any circumstance, wear socks with sandals. It’s never OK.

3. If you’re a younger male, don’t ever wear jean shorts. Something about them just looks goofy. Opt for khakis or cargos instead, please. And on that note, capris for males are never OK either.

4. Don’t be pregnant in the summer. I was last year and it was tough. My ankles swelled like mad due to heat and I really, really missed (and craved!) fun frozen adult beverages. (I know, kind of impossible to predict, but avoid if you can!)

5. Don’t forget to mow your lawn. Being the jerk neighbor, like mine below, is not acceptable when our property value is not what it was 3 years ago.

Don't do this to your own neighbors. *This was discreetly taken in my own neighborhood.*

6. Don’t let your kids squirt others with water guns. Or splash babies at the pool. That’s not nice. Please teach manners, instead.

7. Don’t ever go braless in a tank top when you are anything more than an A-cup.

8. Don’t ever wear a thong or speedo bathing suit. Nobody wants to see your buns or package when trying to enjoy a sunny day at the beach.

9. Don’t wear casual clothes to summer weddings. Jean anything is NOT OK at weddings. Have a little respect for the bride and groom! And on that note, don’t get so drunk that you accidentally walk into the wrong bathroom (I’ve witnessed this on a few occasions).

10. Most important message – don’t forget to wear sunscreen. If you have a few minutes, watch this amazing PSA, “Dear 16-year-old Me,” by the David Cornfield Melanoma Fund of Canada to learn more. If I could only go back in time when I was 16, I would have never just ignored sunscreen like I did.

Thanks, Mama Kat for the fun prompt!

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  1. says

    I agree with everything but the capris on men. Some men can really rock loose linen capris.

    However, you MUST live in a subtropical/tropical climate, within 10 minutes of a beach (by an ocean – lakes & rivers don’t count), have an olive complexion, & be in very good shape (e.g. ridiculously hot).

    I may or may not have just described my husband. He wears pink pants because he can.

    • says

      By all means, if you can, do it! But I agree – you have to be hot, skinny, confident and definitely one of those guys that can just pull anything off – including pink. I’d say 99% of men do not fit into this category 😉 Generally they know who they are thankfully.