Wintertime at the Zoo

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When you think of visiting the zoo, you probably think of wearing shorts, packing a picnic lunch, applying sunscreen and guzzling water all day long…because it’s summer.

Well, we’ve been having such a mild January here in Michigan that we decided to pack up and take a trip to the Detroit Zoo last Saturday. It was the perfect excuse to get some some fresh air — even if we were all bundled up.

We’re glad we didn’t let the cooler weather fool us because animals were out in full force! In fact, more so than they typically are during the summer’s heat. Here’s a few photos I was able to capture:

And the prettiest of them all, reminding us to slow down and be thankful for the many blessings we have…

When is the last time you visited your local zoo?

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    • Mrs. Weber says

      Absolutely – one of the best times of year to go…although I am anxious for spring/summer and picnicking at the zoo!