Fab 5: Advice for WAHMs

Rocks and pinecones help me to get work done, hence the choosing of this photo!

Each and every day I thank my lucky stars that I am pulling off being a work-at-home mom {WAHM}. I won’t sugar coat it — most days I am ready to pull out my hair {or pass out, but I blame that on being pregnant}. Regardless, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I get to be the one to take care of my little monkey while bring in extra cash, fulfilling my need to be social and continuing to learn more about my profession.

I recently was interviewed by a local magazine, Metro Parent, about being a WAHM. I talked a lot about what I do with Hay There Social Media, a great company I work for. {Check out the article here. Just one minor detail if you read it — I’m not having a boy…I’m still team pink!}

While working at home is not all hearts and flowers, I’ve found ways to make it work. Here are 5 things I think are crucial:

1. Waking up before baby. I’m lucky – I have a good little sleeper at night. I try to wake up before her so I can have some time to collect myself — check email, figure out what I need to accomplish for the day, and most importantly — drink a cup of coffee.

2. Make a consistent time for play and fun. I like to spend our mornings doing things. We’ll go for a walk, go on a playdate or go on a special excursion to a spot where she can get stimulation…and hopefully get worn out! I always have my iPhone nearby if I’m needed.

3. Stick to a schedule. This is a hard one because Kinley doesn’t like to nap everyday and let’s face it, some days require more errand-running. We try to do the bigger stuff in the morning, get home for lunch and try for a nap around 2 p.m. so I can pop in as needed, make calls and answer emails. It doesn’t always work though, so some days I rely on Sesame Street to give me an hour to do work {am I supposed to admit that? Mother of the year!}.

4. Make the most of evenings. Sure, I pop onto Twitter and Facebook {I manage accounts on these platforms} and chime in on friends posts, but most of my evenings are spent doing the nitty-gritty writing I have to do. Sadly, many times this means I have to pass up walks and playtime, hence why it’s so important to me to have mommy-daughter morning time. I do also make it a point to cut out around 10 p.m. most nights so I can chat with the hubby and read a book so I don’t dream about typing and deadlines.

5. Have a supportive spouse. This one is absolutely necessary. My husband does way more than his fair share of bathing and putting to bed. He never complains when I say I can’t help due to deadlines or getting some work done — whether a freelance writing gig, social media work with Hay There or the occasional blog post 😉 He really is the one who makes me working possible.

A bonus point: ENJOY the weekend!!! I try not to check my phone and computer much on the weekends. That is family time and husband time!

If you work from home, how do you manage?


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    • Mrs. Weber says

      I agree…Sleep is so important too. Once I have coffee though, I am fine. Evenings are killer for my brain – I can’t generally think super clear after 10!

  1. Kate says

    Oh, the ever-elusive WAHM “schedule”…! After months of trying to get it right, I figured out that I need one full work day to get my freelance stuff done – so we decided to have our nanny come one extra day to watch the kiddos while I work upstairs. It has really been working out wonderfully for us – I love being able to hear the girls playing downstairs, and I always come down to take a break and have lunch with them before heading back up. I’ve found that this helps me get ahead on my deadline items and frees up my evenings for the rest of the week to just do the maintenance items (check email, make a few edits to items, etc.) and not stay up until midnight every night trying to finish things when I have to get up for my regular job the next day! Next goal: Trying to get up a little earlier to plan out my day, as you suggested…I know that would help make things easier throughout the week, but I’m with Jessica – it’s just so darn hard to get out of my cozy bed! I admire your resolve, Lauren! :)

    • Mrs. Weber says

      So happy you chimed in, Kate! Once this little gal comes along, that’s going to be what I do as well. I am lucky that I think my mom’s going to help, so it will be great. A near-full day of getting ahead will help tremendously!

      And yes – the cozy bed is always calling while home. It’s my biggest temptation during the day for sure 😉

  2. says

    Love the tip about enjoying the weekend! It is so important to get the focused family time in even if it isn’t the whole weekend. I often use a chunk of Sunday afternoon to catch up on work while I have my husband around, nap to dinner (noon – 4pm) typically. I think it works out well for me and it creates space necessary for some daddy-daughter time.

    I thought the MetroParent article was great and after hearing about your work with Hay There I was wondering how you manage to be available in the social media space even when you’re in your off-time?
    I have been using HootSuite to schedule SM posts for time when I would otherwise not be online, but I find it hard to stay part of the conversation should one pop up. Is there an alternative to always having your phone in hand and being tuned into alerts?
    Love to hear how you balance the constantly plugged in aspect of SM with motherhood.

    • Mrs. Weber says

      Hey Annabel! So sorry for the delay in answering this comment :)

      I occasionally use Hootsuite/FB to pre-schedule posts, but you’re right — it’s important to be a true part of the conversation so that doesn’t always work the greatest. There really isn’t a solution…I just use my iPhone app and check whenever I receive an alert. If it’s an important inquiry I feel I need to chime in with right away and I’m not around to put together a thoughtful response, I will ask a co-worker to help out. That’s the bonus of working on a team. It’s not ideal to check your phone all the time with kiddos, so sometimes I won’t respond for an hour or two. I think that’s perfectly acceptable, but my clients are more low-key, so I have a bit of extra time.

      I’ll keep you in the loop if I ever come across the perfect solution and hope you do the same!