10 Things My Hubby Deserves For Father’s Day

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I saw a prompt on Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop a few weeks ago asking writers to make a list of things that you’d like to get your husband for Father’s Day.

It took me awhile to come up with ideas, but I finally compiled this list, full of goofy and real things I wish I could make come true for my love.

So since I know he’ll read this, here’s 10 things I would love to gift to you — if I had any willpower…or a million dollars.

1. Pizza with no corner pieces and all your favorite toppings. {I hate the corner pieces, so he always eats them even though he doesn’t love them either, plus I’m a plain jane when it comes to pizza, while he’s all about the pizzas maxed out with toppings. Someone always has to sacrifice and it’s usually him.}

2. Endless hours of video games — without me commenting on how silly or weird they are.

3. Many evenings of not putting Kinley to bed or bathing her. {I’ve definitely been slacking in that department lately due to work load and pregnancy fatigue. He’s a saint.}

4. A week of me not asking 20 questions before we fall asleep. What can I say? I do all my mental sorting at night, so I always have several comments and questions to say in those moments before we fall asleep.

5. A beautiful new grill – a Weber, of course, with a few cold mini kegs of Leinenkugel beers stored inside for easy grilling beer access.

6. A sandwich-making machine with condiments galore. {For those who may not know, he pretty much considers sandwiches a food group.}

7. Beautiful sunsets every single night to watch from a wooden swing that we’d never have to sand or stain. Maybe a few mini kegs there, too.

8. A TV station that only plays episodes of Law & Order (all variations), Hardcore Pawn and Morning Joe {and no, I wouldn’t be able to complain about this either}.

9. A week of me on Diaper Genie duty. {I’m currently getting out of it due to the awful stench of that thing causing my pregnant body to dry heave.}

10. And the most dreaded present I know would just make your day…A closet full of sleeves cut-off T-shirts {Ugh. He loves them, but I loathe them!}

How could I not want all this and more for my better half and the best father I’ve ever witnessed? Thanks for all that you do to better our family, boo.

*Photo taken by Chasing Shadows Photography*

What unrealistic thing would you love to gift to your husband or father this coming Father’s Day?


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  1. says

    You can send the corner pieces to Dominique and me. they are pretty much the first pieces to go when we order a pizza. Wish him a Happy Fathers Day from us :)

    • Mrs. Weber says

      Love it! You guys can come have pizza with us anytime in that case…If we can all agree on toppings 😉

    • Mrs. Weber says

      I don’t either. Thank goodness we’re going easy this year for Mother’s/Father’s Day and just treating ourselves for a night away one of these weekends!