10 Things My Hubby Deserves For Father’s Day

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I saw a prompt on Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop a few weeks ago asking writers to make a list of things that you’d like to get your husband for Father’s Day.

It took me awhile to come up with ideas, but I finally compiled this list, full of goofy and real things I wish I could make come true for my love.

So since I know he’ll read this, here’s 10 things I would love to gift to you — if I had any willpower…or a million dollars.

1. Pizza with no corner pieces and all your favorite toppings. {I hate the corner pieces, so he always eats them even though he doesn’t love them either, plus I’m a plain jane when it comes to pizza, while he’s all about the pizzas maxed out with toppings. Someone always has to sacrifice and it’s usually him.}

2. Endless hours of video games — without me commenting on how silly or weird they are.

3. Many evenings of not putting Kinley to bed or bathing her. {I’ve definitely been slacking in that department lately due to work load and pregnancy fatigue. He’s a saint.}

4. A week of me not asking 20 questions before we fall asleep. What can I say? I do all my mental sorting at night, so I always have several comments and questions to say in those moments before we fall asleep.

5. A beautiful new grill – a Weber, of course, with a few cold mini kegs of Leinenkugel beers stored inside for easy grilling beer access.

6. A sandwich-making machine with condiments galore. {For those who may not know, he pretty much considers sandwiches a food group.}

7. Beautiful sunsets every single night to watch from a wooden swing that we’d never have to sand or stain. Maybe a few mini kegs there, too.

8. A TV station that only plays episodes of Law & Order (all variations), Hardcore Pawn and Morning Joe {and no, I wouldn’t be able to complain about this either}.

9. A week of me on Diaper Genie duty. {I’m currently getting out of it due to the awful stench of that thing causing my pregnant body to dry heave.}

10. And the most dreaded present I know would just make your day…A closet full of sleeves cut-off T-shirts {Ugh. He loves them, but I loathe them!}

How could I not want all this and more for my better half and the best father I’ve ever witnessed? Thanks for all that you do to better our family, boo.

*Photo taken by Chasing Shadows Photography*

What unrealistic thing would you love to gift to your husband or father this coming Father’s Day?

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  1. Love your list, and what a sweet photo!
    Dianna recently posted..Barn (C)harmMy Profile

  2. You can send the corner pieces to Dominique and me. they are pretty much the first pieces to go when we order a pizza. Wish him a Happy Fathers Day from us :)

    • Mrs. Weber says:

      Love it! You guys can come have pizza with us anytime in that case…If we can all agree on toppings 😉

  3. Such a cute list and sweet picture!!! Shopping for father’s day is so tricky . . . I never know what to get!
    Erin recently posted..DIY Laundry DetergentMy Profile

    • Mrs. Weber says:

      I don’t either. Thank goodness we’re going easy this year for Mother’s/Father’s Day and just treating ourselves for a night away one of these weekends!

  4. I’m pretty sure my husband would love a sandwich maker too!

    Wait, that’s me :)
    Alison@Mama Wants This recently posted..The Things He SaysMy Profile

  5. Isn’t it nice all the things you can get out of when you are pregnant?

    Hope he has a nice Father’s Day even if he doesn’t get anything on this list.
    Jessica recently posted..Great Expectations For The FutureMy Profile

  6. My husband is the one who makes the sacrifices with the pizza too!

    Isn’t pregnancy a great excuse to get out of these things? I kind of don’t want to give that up just yet!
    Kimberly recently posted..Yesterday I Was UglyMy Profile

  7. Such a sweet list! Now, how many of them will he get?? Some seem pretty feasible.

    I hope that you guys have a wonderful Father’s Day weekend!
    Jackie recently posted..I’m a Shaklee Team #Cinchspiration Blogger!My Profile

  8. That is an awesome list! :) What a bunch of great ideas! :)
    Erin recently posted..How to organize your moviesMy Profile

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