#MyMichiganMemory: Michigan Challenge Balloonfest


We have so many fun festivals here in Michigan that I absolutely adore, but to me, one tops them all: The Michigan Challenge Balloonfest.

If you like hot air balloons, you’ll love it. Otherwise it may not be that exciting to you. To me, it holds so many memories of my childhood — watching balloons take-off, enjoying an elephant ear, and yes, even puking on my friends shoes after riding those darn fast-spinning-in-circles swings (For the record: I started hating carnival rides after that).

When I was around 5 years old, we even had a balloon land in our yard (we lived on 10 acres, so there was plenty of space). It was the most magical thing to happen in my life at that time. I still remember being incredibly jealous because my brothers and mom got to take a short ride up, while I was “too little,” and had to stay grounded.

During the weekend, I even convinced my hubby to go balloon chasing, so we got to drive out to the country and see some hot air balloons just chilling, surrounded by nature — with the only sound being the flame to keep the balloon air-bound. It was so beautiful and serene…Well, until Kinley’s screams of excitement filled the air. Seeing her delight and wonderment filled me up with happiness of just knowing she’s going to love “bawooons” as much as I did growing up.

Do you have a favorite childhood festival you still attend today?


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    So fun! Love that festival. I still love attending the Armada Fair (where I grew up) because it holds so many memories. Love taking my boys to the demolition derby night!
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