Fab5: Pinterest Crafts to Keep Kids Entertained

Today I have a guest poster chatting about 5 rockin’ crafts found via Pinterest. I seriously can’t wait to try all of these little Kinley – such fun ideas that are simple, inexpensive and will fill your child’s eyes with wonder.

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Finding new and creative ways to keep your child from uttering “mom, I’m bored” might be a little harder to do now that summer vacation is almost over and all of your great ideas have already been used. But if you’re looking for some new, fresh ways to keep your child entertained, you might want to consider doing some fun and easy craft and construction projects. The ones we’ve had selected below were found simply searching the Pinterest database. They’re designed for both girls and boys ranging from 3-to-12, some even incorporate science.

Bird Feeder

This neat craft idea is probably the easiest out of the bunch to make. All you need is an empty toilet roll, some peanut butter, and bird seeds and voila! Your child gets an instant bird feeder to hang outside the front or back yard—no building or construction tools required. Your child can sit back and watch as the beautiful birds flock to the food. For step-by-step directions, visit Indulgy.

Fairies in a Jar

This cute craft project, which was originally pinned by Vippins.com, is tailored more for young girls but some young boys might find it equally as entertaining since it involves destroying a glow stick and pouring the contents into a glass jar. To get the “Tinkerbell” shimmer, all your child needs to do is add a capful of diamond glitter, seal up the jar with the lid, and give it a good shake.


Similar to putty in consistency, this recipe from Tot Treasures uses regular clear liquid glue, liquid starch, and food coloring to create some slime that can entertain your child for hours—they can stretch it, squish it, or try to create shapes.

Crystal Egg Geode

If your kid is really interested in science and likes to see things transform, this craft project from Martha Stewart will definitely do the trick. It’s a little more complex than the rest since it lets your kids get a look of the crystallization process, but it can definitely keep your child entertained for the entire day. While this craft project was originally released just in time for Easter, you don’t have to use egg dye to form crystals during the summer.

Lava Lamp

Last but not least is constructing a traditional, but highly simple lava lamp using ingredients that can be found in your pantry: vegetable oil, food coloring, and Alka-Seltzer. For step-by-step directions from Family Magazine, click here.

For more crafty ideas, do a simple search in Pinterest!

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What are your favorite summer crafts to do with little ones?


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