Memories Captured: My Little Who

My little gal Kinley is pretty much my right arm. Wherever I need to go, she goes. I love taking her places and I love seeing how much it helps her to learn. Plus, she’s just a lot happier when she gets out of the house {who isn’t?}.

Like any mom, I’m used to the comments from strangers while we’re out…

“She’s adorable.”

“Look at those eyes!”

“What a happy little gal.”

“She must look like her daddy.” {I don’t take it personally…I have dark red/brown hair and brown eyes and she has light blonde hair and bright blue eyes. We’re kind of an odd pair.}

One comment really sticks out though: How often people compare her to Cindy-Lou Who from Who-ville – the magical place in Dr. Suess’ classic story How The Grinch Stole Christmas. Every once in awhile, I can see it. The bright blue puppy dog eyes she has definitely does not help her cause.

See the similarity?

I think we have a potential Halloween costume idea, people.

Linked-up with Galit of These Little Waves and Alison from Mama Wants This for Memories Captured!

Has anyone ever compared you or your children to a celebrity? If so, who?


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  1. Sarah says

    Holy cannoli! She sure does look like Cindy-Lou Who! How adorable. If she’s Cindy, does that make you or Jason the grinch for Christmas? Haha, just kidding 😉 If anything, you’d be the grinch after his heart grew three sizes!