Date Night Idea: Ride around Plymouth on a Segway

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Today, my friend Rebecca from Finding My Blog is visiting to tell you all about a super cool thing to do in metro Detroit: Renting Segways to explore downtown Plymouth! So glad she shared this because I totally want to do it now…
Coming up with date ideas for my husband and me is always tricky. Dinner goes by too quickly. We can’t have a conversations during a movie. Shopping can be too expensive. So when we were tasked with coming up with a creative date idea, we found something we were both excited about: Segways.Thanks to The Detroit News and Free Press’ Deal Chicken, we found a coupon for an hour of Segway rentals for $20 each, regularly $40, at My Seg Adventures in Plymouth. Since we didn’t know if we’d like it or actually be able to balance long enough to do it, we weren’t anxious to spend tons of money, but now we know it was totally worth it.My Seg Adventures is inside of The Green Store, a neat little store on West Ann Arbor Trail right outside the downtown Plymouth area. The owner, John, was incredibly helpful. From my first apprehensive phone call, to setting up the time and the training, he and his wife were patient and amazing. They set us up with a short video about operating the Segway and the rules of the road. This was when I first started to get nervous. The illustrations of the stick figure falling off the Segway and seriously hurting himself was scary enough, but what if I feel and humiliated myself in front of traffic or the town square?Once we were educated on how to treat our wheels, we ventured outside where we practiced riding the Segway in the parking lot with assistance from the owners. We learned to ride back and forth, turn, navigate sidewalks, weave through cones and stop the Segway. Once they felt we were ready to go, they turned us loose in the streets of Plymouth.My Seg Adventures provided different maps of the area with several routes we could take. Some went along Hones Drive. Others went by the Daisy Air Rifle Company featured in “A Christmas Story.” Or, you can do what we did and venture out on your own.

Despite our training, we still needed to get used to the feel of the machine. It did take a little bit. My husband is way more trusting then I am in general and he caught on really quickly and was cruising up and down sidewalk ramps, over grassy areas and basically turning circles around me within the first block. I took a few streets to really get the hang of it, but once we had it, we were riding fools.

Rebecca on her Segway
We spent time tooling around Plymouth and the streets of historic homes. We daydreamed. We talked. We had fun together in a new and exciting way.We were given an hour on the Segways and it was plenty of time. We got around a lot of the area and felt like we had ample time to see what we wanted. If we were going to cruise along Hines Drive, we might pay for more time and maybe stop mid-way to have a drink or something.People around the city kept stopping to ask us about the Segways, where they came from and how much we paid. We were happy to share. Just because they live in Plymouth doesn’t mean they can’t take the opportunity to see their city using the Segways.It was definitely an amazing date idea. We were able to talk, didn’t spend a ton of money and had a great time. We’ve talked about going back again and taking some of our friends. We think it would certainly make a fun group outing as well.For more information on renting a Segway from My Seg Adventures, visit the My Seg Adventure website or call (734) 414-0456.

I was not compensated in anyway for this review of My Seg Adventures. I actually just had a great time and wanted to share it all with you.

Rebecca Thomas is a local mom raising two princesses and two Newfoundlands. She blogs about her crazy life at


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