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I found this writing prompt in my inbox this week from Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop:

Aside from your kids, pets, your husband, your coffee and your wine…what makes you smile?

That got me thinking. All those things are MAJOR smile-makers in my world. But what else is there?

First, Mama Kat forgot to mention another big one…CHOCOLATE! {In any form. Even when I have to sneak it while the toddler naps.}

Other thoughts that came to my mind include: Catching up with an old friend. Having a meal with girlfriends. Wandering around a store for as long as I want. The smell of fresh-cut grass and sheets that are fresh out of the dryer. Snagging a great deal. Waking up refreshed. Taking a walk. Having an open weekend with no plans. Spontaneous adventures. Taking photos. Antiquing and garage saling. Taking the scenic route instead of the expressway. A clean house. Coming home to dinner made. Freshly painted nails. Beautiful sunsets. Feeling the sun on me while at the lake.

A field of these little beauties {P.S. Check out my summer bucket list progress!}:

The list could go on and on…So, I decided to also solicit help from my amazing Facebook followers. Here’s what they had to add:

  • When I get a few minutes to myself…..and darn it, playing angry birds. – Donna
  • Naps! – Kitsey
  • My best friend. – Deanna
  • High heels, new lip gloss, lots of mascara. An empty page in a lined notebook and perfectly smooth gel pens. The moment my head finally touches my pillow. – Angela
  • Christmas music! I start listening to it when the mornings get colder in September; however I don’t like to hear it in stores until Thanksgiving. – Kim
  • A good book, being by the water, fresh folded laundry :) – Gerta
  • A long, hot shower. Crafting. A pedicure. New underthings. Learning something new. – Deanna
  • Spending time with good friends. A good book. – Jolyn
Post brought to you by Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop

Mama’s Losin’ It

What brings a smile to your face?

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  1. All wonderful things!! I should have participated, but I don’t think I could have come up with many that haven’t already been covered here!
    Thanks for the smiles!
    Dianna recently posted..Sundae Says…I Have A “Scaredy Cat”My Profile

  2. Those are all great things to make to make you smile! How about this one… finishing a really good book.
    Jackie recently posted..Cute shirts & a Great CauseMy Profile

  3. Came by from Mama Kat’s. Loved your smile items – and what a great idea to put on Facebook! I love clean laundry day (just not the putting away part). :)
    The Meaning of Me recently posted..The Complicated Process of Writing and LivingMy Profile

  4. Yes, chocolate makes me smile. Also, cupcakes and ice cream. :)
    Alison recently posted..Best Photo Bomb Ever By A ToddlerMy Profile

  5. All great things! Feeling the warm summer sun on me makes me happy!
    Kimberly recently posted..Essence Of NowMy Profile

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