Letters To My Children: The First Weeks {Karina}

Baby Karina,

Whew! This past month has been a whirlwind.

You entered the world in a semi-traumatic state, but quickly became our angel baby, constantly loved on by everyone – especially your big sister.

You love being held {we know you can’t “spoil” a newborn, so we’re happy to oblige}. You love going places. We’ve taken you everywhere – to the Imagination Station playground, the Mill Pond to feed the ducks, the beach, Spicer’s Cider Mill, the Potter Park Zoo, the Howell Melon FestivalHeavenly Scent Herb Farm and, of course, shopping. Thankfully, you seem to be a mama’s girl and like getting out and seeing new things. And the car always seems to put you to sleep, despite your chatty sister.

It hasn’t been easy though…

You’re starting to sleep more at night and are doing 4-hour stretches, which feel great to me! I still feel a bit air-headed though and I blame my lack of sleep on backing into grandma’s car the other day…oopsy. My brain doesn’t function very well without sleep. Thankfully, I have a feeling we’ll meet in the middle when it comes to sleep soon.

We also had a scare our first day at the hospital when you choked on blood you swallowed during delivery. Your little face turned purple and scared the daylights out of us, but thankfully our nurse, Sheryl, was quick to rescue you.

At your 2-day appointment, it was discovered you had jaundice {I just thought I had a tan baby!}, so you had to go under the lights in the form of a bilirubin blanket for a couple of nights. You were an adorable little glow worm!

Then, for your 2-week check-up, the doctor was worried about your distended tummy and had suspicions of an enlarged liver. I *may* have freaked out when I Googled what that could mean while waiting for additional tests. I tried to hold it together, but may have shed some tears when you got an x-ray. It was miserable hearing you cry as they strapped you in and I wasn’t able to hold your hand due to radiation. Then, you had an ultrasound, which was no picnic either. I was a mess that day.

Thankfully, the doctor called a few hours later and said everything measured perfectly…You just had a lot of gas in your belly! It’s already silly looking back, but was not remotely funny at the time. You still are Gassy Miss Gasserson, but it seems to be getting better as your little system develops.

It has been hot out, which has made nursing a sweaty mess while we’re outside, but I know it’s so worth it. Our quiet moments together where I can stare at your pretty little face mean so much to me. Especially because it’s the only time in my day I get to sit down and relax! I hope we can treasure these moments for many more months until you and I are ready to give up.

Your eyes are quickly turning a gorgeous shade of blue and they sparkle in the sun. I can’t believe I may have two blue-eyed girls! God must know I have a weakness for blue eyes. You still have a full head of hair, just like your big sis. In fact, your resemblance is uncanny:

You and Kinley are already inseparable. She asks to kiss you in the morning and at night and asks about you when you’re not in the car seat next to her. I’m sure it won’t all be roses between the two of you, but it is fun to witness how your relationship is developing.

We look forward to filling the months ahead with milestones, hearing the sound of your laughter and witnessing your eyes grow bigger with each passing wonder you discover.

Thanks for bringing such sunshine to our lives, angel baby.




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  1. says

    You’re right… the resemblance is uncanny! It’s like they’re twins!!

    I remember the sleeplessness and all that goes with having a new baby. I don’t miss it… not at all. I will gladly take the baby and spoil it and then give it back!
    Jackie recently posted..On being a parentMy Profile