Accomplishments: Mama Style #iPPP

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I have a lot to be proud of these days: My toddler is *almost* singing the ABCs (so what if she misses the entire middle section?), the hubby got a promotion recently and is rockin’ his new position, and I’m heading into week 3 of the Couch to 5K program.

Life is good.

But really, as far as personal pride, this takes the cake:

This frozen breast milk equates to, like, 10 nights out. Well, maybe not that much, but we’re getting there! I’m very lucky to over-produce just enough to pump a little each day so I can eventually get out and not stress too much about the baby not eating.

Now, if only we could get her to adjust to the bottle a tad better…

But really, how can I force this little 7-week-old smiley ham to do anything?

She’s got us wrapped around her tiny little fingers already.

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What’s a mama (or daddy!) accomplishment that has made you proud this week?

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  1. She’s beautiful!

    My little one is not a big fan of the bottle either, but he’ll drink if he’s really hungry :) Good job, Mama!
    Alison recently posted..Great ExpectationsMy Profile

  2. That stash is awesome!! I nursed Grace (my 2yo) for about 6 months till I dried up from stress. Getting a stash was never in the cards, but #2 is due in December and my life has changed a lot so I’m hopeful about creating a freezer stash this time around!

  3. Love those baby blues :) Gosh you make beautiful babies! Keep rocking C25K and pumping, because I need a Partner In Crime for races AND girls nights out.

  4. She is just beautiful! Good for you for the C25K and for your stash!
    Kimberly recently posted..You Are…My Profile

  5. Amanda Austin says:

    Oh, frozen breast milk bags are the most beautiful things in the world :) People dont’ understand how DIFFICULT IT IS TO GET That. IT’S LIKE GOLD!
    Amanda Austin recently posted..Thrifted outfits of the dayMy Profile

  6. We tried the bottle thing at about 6 weeks, pffftttthhhht. I didn’t go ANYWHERE without my boob leech til he was six months old. I’m way jealous.
    Julie recently posted..#iPPP: What we brought back from TexasMy Profile

  7. Those kissable cheeks!!! What a sweetie. And you should be so proud! The only time I could ever pump extra was in the very beginning before my body adjusted. But you have a great stash already!

  8. Wow. Impressive and just looking at it makes my breast hurt. But it’s been a long, long time. And that’s great about your couch to 5K. You’ve got the determination.
    Jamie@SouthMainMuse recently posted..The Water Break. #iPPPMy Profile

  9. I need a Partner In Crime for races AND girls nights out.
    Beatriz recently posted..Yeast Infection Treatment GuideMy Profile

  10. How can I possibly beat all that milk?? I am proud that I have cooked dinner for weeks and weeks without resorting to take-out. Not that I have a problem with take-out, but we were becoming really reliant on it. (Of course, some of those “cooked” meals are breakfast-for-dinner or really basic pasta, but still . . .
    angela recently posted..Exploring Vulnerability – Daring Greatly ReviewMy Profile

  11. Funny how they can wrap us around their fingers at such a young age.
    Jessica recently posted..Put That In Your PurseMy Profile

  12. Way to go mama!! She is beautiful…. you already knew that though, right?

    Keep pumping and soon we can get together for a girls night out!

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