#ThatAwkwardMoment…Newborn Style

If you’re on social sites like Twitter and Facebook, chances are you’ve seen someone who has written a post starting with “That awkward moment when…”

I don’t know about you all, but the official website typically has me nodding in agreement because I feel like I find myself in awkward situations. All. The. Time. After all, what is life without some awkward moments to spice things up?

When you have kids, there are bound to be PLENTY of awkward moments. I have yet to see my children’s teen years, but I will tell you, having a newborn again has reminded me of just how awkward these little beings can make things at times. Granted, I wouldn’t change it for the world, but still…

I’ve written up a list of awkward moments I have experienced since Karina’s birth. Sorry so many include bodily functions. They make for good writing!

That awkward moment when…

  • Your baby spits up on you and it takes hours before you realize it.
  • You walk into baby’s room and the stench reminds you of Taco Bell.
  • You finally muster the courage to go out into public with le bebe and he/she has a blowout diaper. And you didn’t bring a change of clothes.
  • Baby is busy filling her diaper in the store and your toddler is screaming “Pooping! Pooping! Pooping!”
  • A stranger calls your baby – decked out in pink – a boy.
  • You sit and take being projectile vomited on because you’d prefer to clean up yourself versus having to clean the couch.
  • You are mid diaper change and baby decides to pee or poop. And you don’t notice right away.
  • Baby pulls off the nursing cover and you may have flashed a stranger walking by.

Regardless of the awkward moments that occur, aren’t newborns so awesome? Having a toddler has reminded me of how simple they are!

What awkward moments have your kids caused you?


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  1. says

    Great post Lauren. As I read through I laughed and nodded at the computer, especially with the toddler yelling out “pooping”.

    Here are a couple:
    My son walked up to a complete stranger and asked a guy “Are you my daddy?” knowing full well who his daddy is.
    My dd had a huge blowout at the play area, in the boat, in the middle of winter, with no change of clothes (but luckily I had a diaper). With no mall worker in sight I cleaned up the mess on her and in the boat with baby wipes and walked her out of the mall in just her jacket and shoes (in the middle of winter, remember) I wrapped her in my jacket once we got to the doors and froze by booty off almost the whole way home.
    Not that it is embarrassing, but I carry Carlyn around in a Moby and I have had several people come up and tell my how cute she is, but she is is in the Moby, so I shake my head, I guess she has cute feet and back of the head.
    How about when your child spits up and rather than get up to get a spit cloth, you use your shirt since it already has spit up on it?
    Great blog:) TFS

  2. Donna says

    Ah, mommyhood! I miss little babies! Luckly, I didnt have many moments that were bad when Kaitlin was a baby, its NOW that she is 2 almost 3 when they are happening! Like when we are shopping she will suddendly just lay on the ground, and wont get up! and she’ll start moving around, like she is dusting it. Try to pick her up, and she’ll howl and go limp in your arms. And for awhile she hated Kroger and would cry the whole way through. Now that she is talking more its getting better, but when I see other mothers having problems I always try to help.

    • Mrs. Weber says

      Ugh – I’m not looking forward to that “limp kid” trick. Such stinkers! Thanks for sharing. I know I have some fun things to look forward to!

  3. Rusti says

    ah yes. *smiling and nodding* just the other day I went through three diapers in one diaper change because someone (not mentioning names *coughGatorcough*) kept peeing mid-change! I’d almost forgotten just how much vomit I can take down the cleavage before stuffing a burp cloth down there to soak the worst up until I can change my bra/shirt/nursing cami. ick.
    Rusti recently posted..S.H.I.T.–So Happy It’s Thursday #21My Profile

  4. amber says

    Mine was when i was watchimg a friends kid(5).She had asked me where was my 3 month old ( at the time) bottle was. I told her that she didnt drink out of a bottle that fed her. She asked me how. I told her she should ask her mom when she picked her up. Then she said ” oh i know, from your nipple!” We were in the car this whole time. So we go in to a fastfood place and eat. As she is finishing up. My daughter starts crying(time to eat) she asks me why shes crying. I tell her shes hungry. As loud as she could she yells“ give her the nipple!” Oh little ones!

    • Mrs. Weber says

      Oh dear! That’s hilarious. Kids love lifting up dresses/skirts, don’t they? Haven’t experienced that yet, but I’m certain it’s coming since Kinley is obsessed with belly buttons. Thanks for sharing, Angela!

  5. Kimberly says

    My toddler announced to the mall, very loudly, that Mommy needed to poop. It was so thoughtful of him!
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