Fab5: Tips For Playing It Safe With Halloween Face Paint

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I love being able to highlight rockin’ companies and people on Fridays, so was super excited when my friend Angela reached out to me about her parents amazing business, PegFX, which is based in metro Detroit. Today, they are sharing tips on Halloween face paint — one of the very cool services they provide — along with balloon twisting, body art and more. Be sure to check out their gallery to see all the neat things they can do for parties!

Photos provided by PegFX

1. It’s not paint. Professional face paint is makeup, an FDA compliant product that’s specially designed to be used on the skin. Never use craft paint, acrylic paint, tempuras, markers or pens, which can cause an allergic reaction and can be very difficult to remove. Also remember that “non-toxic” doesn’t mean it’s safe for use on skin. Trusted brands of professional face paint include Snazaroo, Paradise, Mehron, Kryolan Wolfe FX and Ben Nye, to name a few.

2. Use brushes for detail. Using cosmetic sponges to apply face paint is not only safer, but it’s also a faster and more effective way of covering the face. Paintbrushes should only be used to add detail to your design—and always remember to use caution near the eyes.

3. Add some sparkle. Cosmetic glitter is a great way to add a little something extra to a design, but its important to use only cosmetic grade glitter (not craft glitter), which is smaller and more lightweight. You can purchase cosmetic glitter at most beauty supply stores.

4. Think outside the box. You can use any color face paint for Halloween designs. Use colors to match your costume, or, think outside the box and get creative with a pink cat, a blue skull, etc. It’s best to practice a trial run before the party, so you can create the design you’re looking for. Or, you can contact a local artist to make an appointment to have your Halloween face painting done professionally!

5. Ask the artist. If you’re at a fall festival or event, be sure to ask the artist what type of product he or she is using on your child’s skin. When in doubt, you can always ask to conduct a patch test on the inside of your child’s elbow to test for sensitivity to the makeup before proceeding with a design.

How fun is this jack-o-latern preggo belly?!

Peggy Hernandez is a professional face painter and owner of PegFX Face Painting and Family Entertainment. For more information, visit www.pegfx.com or call (313) 204-6644. To connect with PegFX on Facebook visit www.facebook.com/pegfx.

What are you or your child planning to be for Halloween? Will you be using face paint? Be sure to follow Peggy’s tips!

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