Recipe: Simple Ham Salad

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Simple Ham Salad Recipe -

Hope you all had an amazing Christmas. I know I did, and we’re only halfway through {we’re celebrating with the in-laws later this week}.

Best part so far? Besides the family time? HAM SALAD.

You guys. I love ham. It just may be the perfect meat! To us, Christmas isn’t complete without a ham. But what to do with the leftovers? You make ham salad, that’s what.

It might be my favorite reason to eat ham. You see, my hubby is a ham salad PRO {honestly, he’s just a sandwich pro…The guy puts the craziest stuff between bread and it always tastes good}. He’s perfected his recipe and is willing to share with you all. Here’s his simple ham salad recipe:


3 cups cooked ham

1 cup of mayo

4 tablespoons relish

4 stalks of celery, chopped into small pieces {we put it in the food processor to make it small}

Pinch of garlic powder

{Makes approximately 5-6 well-stuffed sammies}


Cut your ham off the bone into medium-sized pieces. Throw in a food processor. Mix the crushed ham with all other ingredients and voila! A delicious post-holiday treat. Serve on bread or on crackers. Believe me ya’ll, even toddlers love this stuff! {If you have any healthy ingredient substitutes, please let me know!}

Ham Eaters

What’s your favorite thing to make with leftover ham?



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