Quick Family Meal: Chicken Bruschetta Pasta with #KraftRecipeMakers

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#kraftrecipemakers - Chicken Bruschetta Pasta

Is there any better fall comfort food than pasta? Yeah, I think not.

The #1 item my husband requests on the menu each week is pasta. We love trying new pasta dishes, so I was excited to try the new Kraft Recipe Makers for a quick family meal.

As a busy work-from-home mama, the last thing I want to do each night is cook dinner. Many times we end up with eggs, a crock pot meal or grilled cheese sandwiches. So having a “meal helper” from a box is definitely not above me. I liked that I could include my own fresh ingredients {easy to customize} and that it helped make a great meal for my family — quickly, on a budget, and without a ton of clean-up.

We made Kraft’s chicken bruschetta pasta and were pleased with the results! Lots of flavor and SO simple. The husband was ecstatic when I told him what was for dinner.

Here’s how I made this quick family meal:

#kraftrecipemakers - Chicken Bruschetta Pasta Ingredients


  • Kraft Recipe Makers – Chicken Brushchetta Pasta flavor {Found at my local Walmart in the pasta aisle}#kraftrecipemakers - Chicken Bruschetta Pasta -1
  • 1 lb of chicken {I used 3 large boneless, skinless chicken breasts}
  • 3 cups bowtie pasta
  • 2 tablespoons parmesan cheese
  • Optional: Fresh basil, chopped and croutons for toppings


Set-up your ingredients and chop up your chicken if needed.

#kraftrecipemakers - Chicken Bruschetta Pasta -2

Cook pasta as directed. In the meantime, oil a skillet and cook the chicken until cooked through. Stir in half the simmer sauce.

#kraftrecipemakers - Chicken Bruschetta Pasta -3

Drain the pasta and add to the skillet the remaining simmer sauce while mixing.

Top with finishing sauce and parmesan. Cover and cook until heated through for 2 to 3 minutes.

#kraftrecipemakers - Chicken Bruschetta Pasta-6

Add basil and croutons if you’d like.

BOOM. Dinner is served.

#kraftrecipemakers - Chicken Bruschetta Pasta-8

OK, well, if you’re like me, you probably have a veggie and bread as well too 😀

#kraftrecipemakers - Chicken Bruschetta Pasta-9

This was totally a hit with the hubby and the kids too!

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Have you tried the new Kraft Recipe Makers? Which one would you like to try? The verde chicken enchiladas one is next on my list!



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