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OK, we all know kids say the darnest things. I knew this going into motherhood. What I didn’t know was how funny it would be to hear your kids get absolutely mind blown on a daily basis. I’m so excited to share some of my NickMom MotherFunny moments!

Kinley is at such an awesome age — 3. While the temper tantrums and potty woes are constant battles, she is finally starting to become her own little person and put the world together. This has resulted in SO many #MotherFunny moments lately.

NickMom #MotherFunny #shop

{Typical photo these days. Seriously, good photographers for 3-year-olds deserve millions.}

Our funniest moments seem to fall into two categories — body parts and potty humor. Because let’s be real: Both supply dozens of giggles on a daily basis — no matter how old you are. Sometimes I just have to laugh at things I say that combine both subject areas, i.e. “Get your hands out of your pants!” Or, “If you touch your poop, I might throw up!” I can’t even believe the things that fly out of my mouth.

But this is about the things Kinley says…

NickMom #MotherFunny #shop 1

{Just heading out for a walk…}


I’m still nursing Karina, so that alone brings the craziest questions and comments…Like, when we’re in public and Karina is crying. Kinley tells me, loud as heck, in the middle of Meijer:


Lately, she has been asking me a lot of questions about boobs. “Does Cinderella have boobs?” “Does Dora have boobs?” “Will I have boobs when I’m big?” — These are questions that have caught me off-guard to say the least.

The other part she is obsessed with is bellies. Some recent observations she’s had looking at my belly:

“Mom, why is your belly so soft?” and “Why do you have scratches on your belly?” {No worries, she now knows those are my tiger stripes and I earned them carrying two babies ;)}

NickMom #MotherFunny #shop 2

{Just another typical ensemble to wear while playing in the rain.}

She also is fascinated with the hubby’s belly and has said some funny things to him:

“Dad, does a caterpillar live in your belly?” and “Do you even have a belly button under all that hair?”

Thank goodness she doesn’t get the whole penis thing yet. Lord help me when she notices that on a baby boy one day!


I haven’t even taught her my childhood favorite song: When you’re driving in a Chevy and your pants are kind of heavy, diarehea *fart noise*fart noise* — and yet she still just knows to make up songs about poop. How does this even happen? Why are bodily functions so funny to kids?

I’ve recently been asked what boogers are made of, where farts come from, and what is in poop. No joke. Someone get this kid a bodily functions dictionary stat!

NickMom #MotherFunny #shop 3

{She is not reading a bodily functions dictionary above, but I do think it may be a good present for her this year.}

If you need a laugh, be sure to visit’s “Kid’s Say of The Day” page. It cracks me up and is seriously kid humor at its finest!

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What “MotherFunny” things have your kids said lately? Write me a comment or share on Twitter with the hashtag #MotherFunny!



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  1. Summer Davis says

    OH my gosh, she would fit right in with my kids! We talk about bodily functions all the time. When I had #1, I was embarrassed about it and I made him call farts, “toots”. Yeah. Screw that. The younger two call them farts. All of my kids know what their body parts are actually called, no cute nicknames here. It’s a ton of fun when my daughter announces at the top of her lungs, “I FARTED!” in Target. It’s my favorite. I always give her a big high five and congratulate her. #client