15 Tips For Becoming a Pro Mom To Little Ones

Tips For Becoming A Pro Mom

Becoming a parent is HARD. There is no doubt in anybody’s minds that little people are an absolute game changer. Personally, I think it’s mostly roses, but just like anything, there are good days and bad days. I definitely know at this point that God made kids adorable-looking for a reason. It truly helps you forget how difficult they can be at times!

I struggled with this title because I am in no way a “pro” mom, but I’ve made a lot of mistakes along the way, so I want to share them in case they can be helpful to someone out there 😉

These are some helpful things I have finally started to master in my three short years as a parent…Here are my tips for becoming a pro mom to little ones:

1. Baby wipes clean everything. Always have a pack of wipes on hand! Use them to clean dirty little hands. Use them to take marker off faces. Shoot, when the kids want to help you clean, hand them a wipe to help dust. Also, wipe containers are awesome for just about anything…crayons, stickers, hair accessories and beds for beanie babies. Reuse ’em! Learn how to make your own wipes here.

2. Nap prep is key. If you think your child is going to fall asleep for their nap in the car, change their diaper before loading them up, take off their shoes, sweater, and whatever may potentially wake them up when you transfer from car to bed. Also, before you leave the house, set-up their room completely. {For my little gal this means closing her curtains, turning on her fan and noise machine so it’s ready to rock. She’s a total diva.}

3. Always have an extra diaper and extra underware — even if it’s just for a quick trip. Accidents always seem to happen when you least expect it. {case in point: I just took a pair of poopy pants out of my coat pocket from our library visit earlier.} Also related: If your baby fills a diaper and it leaks at night, go one size up, at least for night. It will hold that extra urine!

4. Never forget to pack water, sippys, and an emergency stash of snacks. Just when you think the kids have had enough to eat, you’ll get in the car and the “I’m hungry” whine will start. I keep a stash of goodies in my center console, and in my purse, and it has saved me many times.

5. Take time to PLAY every day. Do not bring your phone. Do not open your laptop or tablet. Get on the ground and play. You’ll be amazed at how much your kids come alive during this time — even if you can only dedicate 10 minutes. Also, try to get outside. It can do wonders for sleep and can make a mom feel sane again, too!

6. If you find a good container of bubbles, buy about 10 bottles of it. Good, quality bubbles that are easy for kids to blow are hard to come by. And what kid doesn’t love bubbles?!

7. Make plans, but allow for flexibility. You just don’t know when a child may just want to stay home. I’m pretty sure my girls have come to love Mondays the best because it’s our pajama day!

8. Don’t clean up the house until the end of the day. I hate this, but it’s true: Cleaning up while children are awake is like sweeping during a wind storm. The second you sweep the floors, they will come dump sugar on them. Trust me.

9. If you’re going to feed your kid spaghetti, or anything similar, take off all their clothes if possible. Then, promptly throw them in the tub after.

10. Don’t show your toddler/preschooler something and expect them to be patient for it. The moment they see a cookie, piece of candy, etc. their mind EXPLODES and they can’t wait another second for it.

11. On that note, don’t tell your child about scented markers until they are 100% ready to handle their awesomeness. Because they may try to smell them and miss. And they will be sorely disappointed that all markers don’t have a scent.

Kinley and scented markers

12. The freezer does wonders for cooling off food quickly. While waiting, throw your kid a cracker so they don’t act like you are depriving them of food. Also? Don’t show them the food. {See #10.}

13. Organize your life where possible. My 3-year-old fusses over clothing, or her PJs every day. If I know I have to be somewhere in the morning, I will put an outfit out for the morning so there’s no battles. Keep a stash of snacks where kids can reach them, and so the non-vocal ones can let you know when they are hungry. Cut fruit and veggies at the start of the week to avoid chaos at mealtimes.

14. Each week, do something for YOU. Get out and take a walk alone for 20 minutes, read a book at a coffee shop, or go out with girlfriends. Having this time away will allow your children to bond with someone else and will make you come back to them feeling refreshed.

15. Trust your gut. You know your kids better than anyone else, period. Don’t let anyone make you feel small, mama!

What are your tips for becoming a pro mom? I still have many years to get through!



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