12 Days of Happy

For the post below, I am linking up with fellow Michigan blogger Parsimonious Pash for her 12 Days of Happy! 

During the holiday season, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the silly things: When you might find time to shop, or wrap gifts {does anyone want to wrap mine?}, how you can find time to squeeze in dinners and parties, and of course, the financial burdens that come with all of it.

For the days ahead, let’s all try our best to focus on the HAPPY part of the season: The random acts of kindness. Seeing how children light up with every little twinkling light. Lighting a menorah, or reading the story of Jesus’ birth. Wouldn’t we all be better off focusing on those things instead of what we want?


Here are the 12 items I am choosing to focus on in the days ahead:

1. Decor imperfections. This is not a year of a beautifully decorated house for me. The bottom half of the tree is missing nearly all of its ornaments, my jingle bells are hiding in the couch cushions, and my sparkling decor balls I carefully placed in a glass jar are being tossed around like toys. Nothing is in the place it should be. But it’s a beautiful chaos. It shows how much my children are enjoying it all, and that brings me much joy.

2. Lights. I’ve always adored Christmas lights, and I love driving around and finding the most decked out houses. Sometimes, I literally want to write those people thank you notes to say how much I enjoyed the lights on their home. I think this year I will do just that! Hearing the joy in Kinley’s voice while we’re driving around — “Mom! Look! Christmas lights!!!!” — is excitement in its purest form. Thank you to all who take the time to decorate your home — we appreciate it.

3. Food. Need I say more?! Cookies, candies, and all the not-so-healthy appetizers, are one of my favorite ways to indulge during the holiday season.

4. Family. This time of year is the time we get to see our families the most. It brings me so much joy to see the smiles my kids can bring to all their loving aunts and uncles and grandparents. Also, awkward family photos are sure to happen. because lord knows we can’t get all the kiddos in my family to all smile at once. While it makes me crazy, it is pretty funny to look back at them!

Awkward Family Photo

5. Bundling up. OK, I hate the cold. But I hate being cooped up even more, so I will bundle up to play or walk so I can enjoy the great outdoors. And this is the one time of year I happen to love snow.

6. Music. I am the nerd that listens to Christmas music on Nov. 1. I try not to do anything else “Christmas-y” until after Thanksgiving, but I just love Christmas music. I have so many fond memories of it as a kid, so I think that’s what fuels my passion.

7. Seeing Santa. I find it fascinating to watch children meet Santa. So far, there has been NO interest from my girls, though the hype and excitement leading up to the actual meeting had me fooled. It’s just plain fun to see what your kiddos are going to do when they sit on the jolly old man’s lap.

Seeing Santa

Neither of them knew what to do. At least there weren’t any tears!

8. Holiday events. From parades, to holiday light tours, there are so many awesome events all around us! Do a little digging, and you can have so much fun at local and FREE events. See my list of SE Michigan December happenings.

9. Christmas outfits. There is nothing cuter than Christmas outfits on little people…fluffy dresses with big ribbons for little girls and bowties and suspenders on little men are my favorites! Best part is they are only worn for one/two days, so it’s the perfect item to trade with friends or purchase at a mom-to-mom sale so you don’t have to spend a lot.

10. Seasonal scents and flavors. Mmmm…for peppermint mocha anything! I also love my spruce candle and anything smelling like sugar cookies.

11. Books. We rent books from the library weekly and have had fun renting children’s books highlighting holiday traditions around the world. But of course, The Polar Express and The Night Before Christmas never get old.

12. Random acts of kindness. Nothing warms my heart quite like hearing about the wonderful acts of kindness shared between mankind during this time of year. Such a great testament to what the season should truly be about.

Weber Kiss

They fight one moment, then turn to kiss and make up. Sisters!

What are your favorite happy parts surrounding the holiday season?



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  1. says

    I’ll wrap your presents! :-)

    Ooh, I can have peppermint stuff this year!!! Thanks for the reminder!!! 😀
    Love the “Random Acts of Kindness”. I wish they happened more throughout the year.

    Great list!

    P.S. I totally ‘borrowed’ your Christmas Clothes idea. I’ve never been more excited and happy to have matching outfits for my kids! I can’t wait until they get here and I can take their pictures in them.
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