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Pregnancy Announcement

My mom always told me the best blessings are unexpected…I think it was her way of justifying my surprise arrival into the world. I can officially now say I believe it.

Right before Thanksgiving, I found out I was pregnant. We had planned to have three children, but I was planning on waiting at least another year when Kinley was closer to going to school fulltime, Karina was fully weaned, and my 30th birthday was long past.

Well, God had other plans. I am pregnant with baby Weber #3, and after getting over the initial shock of three positive pregnancy tests {because truthfully, I was in denial}, I couldn’t be more excited. Babies are always a blessing, despite the chaos that is sure to ensue in our home during the next 18+ years. I am due August 1, just a few days after Karina’s 2nd birthday, so my kids will all be around 2 years apart. We just keep thinking about ages 13, 15 and 17. Say a prayer for us now 😉

I wish we could be one of those awesome couples that wait to find out what parts baby is hiding, but we just can’t. I am too excited and ready to plan. I would be lying if I told you I didn’t want a boy, because I do {hubby doesn’t mind either way}. I’ve always thought I’d have boys, so was shocked when I learned I was having girls both times {yet truly elated…girls rock}. Honestly though, any healthy baby will do. We have plenty of room in our hearts to love on whatever little nugget comes our way!

My pregnancies with both girls were similar — food aversions, similar cravings {clementines}, nausea and hyper sensitive to smells. I haven’t had any of those symptoms this time…I just felt flaky and tired at 8 p.m., and that I could eat a house! Seriously, I have never felt so hungry in my life. I am trying my best to stay healthy, but have had quite a few breakdowns of junk. Thankfully, I’ve tried to eat lots of fruits and veggies and take my prenatal vitamins daily to help balance it out a bit.

Due to my uterus being ready to rock, I already have quite a belly. So much so that I’ve been wearing maternity pants/my fat pants since 9 weeks. Pretty sure I didn’t need them until 12/13 weeks with both girls. I was convinced I was having twins at first due to how fast I popped…Turns out, there’s just one in there. When they say you really pop quick with #3, they aren’t lying!

As far as our family plan, this will be my last baby, so I am just trying to enjoy the amazingness of being pregnant. Stay tuned and I will be sure to bore update you all on my progress 😀

Cheers to new, unexpected beginnings in 2014!

Were all of your pregnancies planned? Also, moms of three: How the heck do you manage? I’m nervous!



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  1. says

    Yay! Every time I would comment on anything, I had to make sure I didn’t slip! You look adorable! As for dealing with three, it just goes one day at a time. For us, every kid is so different, so we have different parenting strategies for each. Don’t worry about giving everyone equal attention, it works itself out. Some days Olivia needs to be right by my side and Maddie wants nothing to do with me.

    Pretty sure we wil need to invest in a vineyard to get through the teenage years!
    Ashleigh recently posted..Simple Soups: Roasted Tomato & Red PepperMy Profile

    • Mrs. Weber says

      HA! Yes, let’s buy a vineyard, I like that idea! So glad you were one of the first ones to know :)

      I am sure I will be tapping into you and watching how you manage all your ladies a lot over these next months. At least it seems like you have a blast 😉 Great call on different parenting strategies. I am quickly learning my two are so different, so that definitely applies to me now even!

  2. Becky Cunningham says

    Oh my goodness! Congrats to you and your family, Lauren! I hope you enjoy this exciting time, and I wish you all the best :)

    • Mrs. Weber says

      Thanks so much, Becky! I had just found out when I was at the farmers conference. So hard not to say anything when they asked how many kids I had 😉

      • Becky Cunningham says

        Ah, no way! It must’ve been so difficult keeping exciting news under wraps this long!

    • Mrs. Weber says

      Oh my goodness!!! Congrats! I hope you blog about it too so we can compare notes! So fun to be pregnant with others even if it’s just virtually. Such an awesome woman bond :)

  3. says

    So excited for you. You will LOVE having 3. I won’t lie, yes it’s a lot of work, haha but so WORTH it. My girls are 3 years apart each, sometimes I wish it were 2 years a part haha or do I? lol Anyways, what a blessing. Our third one was a big surprise too, and we were so blessed and thrilled. God is so awesome how he does things. Praying for a sweet and wonderful, healthy pregnancy for you. Many blessings to you and your family.
    Lindsey recently posted..Living a Stress Free and Healthy Life in 2014My Profile

    • Mrs. Weber says

      I always read 3 years was the best spacing, and I get it. But, I guess 2 years has its pros too. Just may be chaotic for a few years coming up!

      Thanks for the prayers and well wishes. That God can be a trickster, but I have to say it was pretty awesome being genuinely surprised :)

  4. Carly says

    SOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY for you!! I swear when I see pregnancy pictures and announcements I just get so excited and want more myself!! :) You look great and sending all the love and happy thoughts your way! Congrats!!


    • Mrs. Weber says

      Awww, thanks so much Carly! I appreciate it. You are such an amazing mom and your boys are so lucky to have you. Thanks for continuing to post about fab ways I can keep my litter entertained…It’s SO appreciated!

    • Mrs. Weber says

      Thanks, Dianna! I keep telling everyone I feel like this is a boy, but I’ve felt that way before! Hehe. I better stop trying to predict. I will be happy either way. Healthy is #1 of course :)

    • Mrs. Weber says

      You go mama! That doesn’t sound easy to balance, but I’m guessing you are great at balancing since you’re a blogger and all 😉

  5. says

    So i was CONVINCED Kaelynn was a boy. My pregnancies could not have been more different. I was in complete shock when I found out it was a girl. But my goodness the bond between my girls is something I would never trade. I thought seeing the two of together was amazing, but the three. Omg the cuteness.


    • Mrs. Weber says

      That is probably what’s going on with me too! It feels so different, but I know that really could mean jack 😉 You are so right on the amazing bond of sisters. I truly know we’re lucky no matter what! A boy would add an interesting dynamic, but I know my girls would love another sister too. Thanks for the beautiful perspective, Rebecca!

  6. Kara says

    Congrats! I’m at 23 weeks right now. It was sort of planned.. We had been trying for over two years, and I had about given up hope.. Then came a positive test! Such a blessing. :) I can’t wait to hear more about your pregnancy.

    • Mrs. Weber says

      SO AMAZING, Kara! How frickin’ cool to be surprised like that…I know waiting when you’re ready for a baby is the worst feeling ever :/ It did take us some time to get pregnant the first time, but I had no troubles with #2 and #3. My mom always says once your body knows how to be pregnant to watch out…I can now vouch for that! I hope your pregnancy goes perfectly and you get the perfect little angel you’ve been waiting patiently for 😀