Re-Living The Past With JenJen House Prom Dresses {TBT: Prom Edition} #sponsored

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by All opinions expressed are my own.

Hard to believe we’re approaching prom season already, even though it’s still freezing here in Michigan. I hope for the kids’ sake this weather clears up because prom is always a night you won’t ever forget!

I have so many fond memories of prom. I went twice, once with my boyfriend at the time and once with my best guy friend. Both times were a ton of fun, and I loved my dresses. In fact, I am regretting getting rid of the one pictured below from my senior year because it’s still totally my style. It was so fun to feel like a princess for a night! {For the record, I couldn’t find any photos from my junior year. Time to get my photos organized I guess!}

TBT - Prom

I loved looking through JenJenHouse at the prom dresses to see what’s in style these days.

I must have searched with my mom eyes because anytime I came across anything low-cut, short, or with a big leg slit, I winced. I’m pretty liberal about most things, but that would never fly in this household! I remember how teen boys thought 😉

I know we will be spending a lot of moula on dresses in the future with two girls, so I’m glad to know there are sites like JenJenHouse to save some pennies.Some of my favorite styles and colors I came across:

Red Prom Dress -
Love the neckline! Also, makes buying jewelry a non-issue since there’s already enough going on. Just a simple pair of earrings and maybe some sassy shoes!
Yellow Prom Dress - JenJenHouse.comYellow isn’t a color all redheads can pull off since we tend to be pale, but I love yellow on brunettes and blondes. Such a happy color and I love the simple yet elegant neckline. Also, love her hair ‘do pictured with this dress. So pretty!

Pink Prom Dress - JenJenHouse.comI had to have one dress with one shoulder strap since they are my absolute favorite style! Love the detailing and beading here, which extends across the back. Plus, the outer layer looks like it would be fun to work on the dance floor 😉

I love that makes it so simple to search for a dress by style, color, fabric, embellishments, neckline, straps, sleeves, and more.  They offer many classic styles, as well as unique, looks, too so your teen can match her personality to her prom dress. They also have plenty of shoes and accessories available to complete your prom look.

Learn more by visiting JenJenHouse on Twitter or Facebook.

What did your prom dress look like? Do you still think it’s pretty or do you wonder what you were thinking?



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    • Mrs. Weber says

      I remember getting lucky because mine was in the window at Cache when I walked by. Can’t remember how much I spent, but it wasn’t cheap. Makes me scared for what’s in store with two girls 😉

  1. sarshie says

    I think I have some photos with you from prom…I LOVED my dress and felt so beautiful in it. I think my Mom gave it away when I was in college. Hope it went to someone that also felt like a princess wearing it. I have quite a few bridesmaid dresses I should donate since prom season is coming up!

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