Recipe: Fruit and Yogurt Waffle Bowls

I have been compensated by the United Dairy Industry of Michigan for my time to develop this recipe. All opinions expressed are my own. 

Recipe - Fruit and Yogurt Waffle Bowls


The sunshine and warmer temps means farmer’s markets, days at the beach and my favorite: cookouts, complete with delectable summery foods.

One treat my family absolutely loves are these simple fruit and yogurt waffle bowls. Not only are they great for a bit of protein and a serving of fruit, but their fun for little ones to help make, too!

These are great for a summer birthday party, or for any Memorial Day or Fourth of July gathering.


  • Waffle bowls {I prefer the smaller ones for the kids}
  • Your choice of fruit. Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, grapes and melon are good choices. Go with what’s in-season!
  • French vanilla yogurt
  • Agave or honey


Cut up your choice of fruit and layer piece by piece into the waffle bowl. Place a dollop {or about a tablespoon} of the yogurt on the fruit and top with a light drizzle of agave or honey for an extra zip of sweetness. Serve right away. {You could make the waffle/fruit part in advance, but I would recommend not topping with yogurt until right before serving.}


Fruit and Yogurt Waffle Bowls Summer Treat

Aren’t they pretty?

I prefer to just pick it up and bite in so I get all flavors at once. My girls opted to eat all the fruit inside, then eat the bowl. Immediately upon finishing hers, the 3-year-old asked for seconds. She thinks it’s ice cream 😉

Fruit and Yogurt Waffle Bowls2

Eating outside in a MSU cheerleader uniform with blankeys nearby is totally kosher around here.

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What are your favorite dairy-inspired treats to enjoy in warm weather?



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