When Your Child Is “Behind.” My Experience With Early On Michigan

A few months ago, I heard something that was a bit of a shock from our pediatrician. She was worried that Karina {then 18 months old} may be behind with her language development. She told us to wait until 20 months, and if there wasn’t a lot of improvement, to give Early On Michigan, a call to screen her for developmental delays.

Her language understanding is there — she can hear what we’re saying and react. She’s affectionate. She looks us in the eye. She giggles and has stranger danger — just like any kid at 20 months. But, her language is pretty limited. Sure, I get what she is saying most of the time, but outsiders do not. {For example, “apple” is “ba-bo” and “blankey” is just “b”}

Comparison is deadly, but no matter what you do — it’s there. Especially when you have more than one child.

Kinley was an early talker. She “babbled” starting at 6 weeks and hasn’t stopped talking since. She sings, makes up songs, plays pretend and talks to herself constantly…and those are all things she has done from a young age.

Karina has never been a big babbler, but she has skills Kinley did not have at her age — she can build with LEGOs for long periods of time, she has fed herself from day one, she is extremely affectionate {Kinley is just now starting to become more of a lover…and I think it’s because Karina inspires her!} and she is SO brave.

Early On Michigan

It’s astonishing to me how different siblings can be from each other — but really, it’s absolutely wonderful, too!

As we approached 20 months, the worrying started to creep in. I watched videos of Kinley at the same age saying “Happy Birthday,” and grew concerned since Karina still hasn’t mastered a single two-syllable word. I observed other kids in her age range and could see she wasn’t talking/attempting language like they were {without her sister helping!}. After stewing over the fact I might be over-reacting, I went with my gut and scheduled an appointment with Early On Michigan.

Early On is a FREE program through the State of Michigan that works with children from birth to age three, that specifically looks for developmental delays and/or disabilities.

Two women came to our house {one was a former special education teacher and one was a speech pathologist} for the evaluation. My girls HAMMED IT UP. Seriously. They must have thought these ladies were the coolest people ever the way they kept bringing out “toys” to play with and showering them with attention!

They asked me questions about Karina’s development and personality, and interacted with her with several games to test her fine/gross motor skills, language, memory, and more. The entire evaluation took a little less than an hour, and I felt that it was pretty thorough.

At the end, we discussed what I needed to do moving forward.

It was determined that she is behind in her language skills {she is speaking at a 16/17 month level versus where she should be at 20 months}. But we also learned she’s ahead for her age in adult interaction, social skills and concepts, so that helped some of my mommy guilt fall to the wayside.

Our plan of action is to just work with her more during the next few months {incorporating more sign language, working with flash cards, and soliciting Kinley for help — she truly is her best teacher}, and re-screen her in a few months if her language doesn’t improve. Additionally, I have scheduled a hearing test just to be sure that isn’t an issue, though that isn’t suspected.

I am SO thankful for this program to put my mind at ease, or if needed, help my child, in the future. Early intervention is absolutely key when it comes to little ones!

The reality is there is such a huge range of what’s “normal” for a child, especially during these early years, and reading things on the ‘net will only scare or confuse you. Only a parent can determine when something is just off with their child. Don’t hesitate to ask your pediatrician questions or get an evaluation to determine where your child stands if you’re worried. I am so happy I did!

If you think your infant or toddler may have a developmental delay, contact Early On at 1-800-Early-On or complete the online referral form.

This is not sponsored in any way by Early On. I just really appreciated this program and wanted to sure my experience in case there is a parent in my same boat!

Was your child a late talker? What helped them develop their language over time?


My 2014 Springtime Favorites

IT’S SPRING! OK, while this phrase seems to be meaningless here in Michigan this year, it’s still fun to think about, right? I have to say, I am certainly digging all the pastels I’m seeing in stores…and I’m not one to typically be drawn to pastels. Clearly it has been a LONG winter. Today I’m sharing some of my current springtime favorites to get me in the mood for sunshine.

But what is the sun without a little rain? Which brings me to item #1:

Western Chief Rain Boots

Western Chief Rain Boots - Spring Favorites

These aren’t as “in” as the name brand boots, but they are affordable and most importantly — functional. I don’t know about you other mamas, but I have been a splashing fool already this year. My girls and I all have a pair! Mine {pictured above} were $25 at Tractor Supply Co. and worth their weight in gold for keeping my feet dry while walking with my minions through puddles. Note: I have VERY narrow feet. These are not made for wide feet. They have lots of fun patterns on Amazon, too! See here.

Reese’s Easter Peanut Butter Eggs Reese's Peanut Butter Easter Eggs These are my absolute favorite candy ever. Seriously. Move over fancy chocolate, this is the way to my heart! The Reese’s Easter Eggs pack a lot more peanut butter than Reese’s cups, therefore, they are my favorite. I usually sneak a few packs each year into my purse and try not to share with anyone ;) The hardest part this time of year is not buying them every time I see them! So.Good.


Asparagus - Spring Favorites

On the opposite end of the health spectrum, I present another spring favorite of mine: Asparagus. It’s in season in Michigan April through June and it is my absolute favorite green veggie. Check out my favorite recipe for maple glazed asparagus here.

Method Squirt & Mop Wood Floor Cleaner

Method Squirt & Mop - Spring Favorites

Spring = spring cleaning, right?! Uh-huh. I love Method products, but this one takes the cake for my favorite! I started using this when we lived in a house with all wood floors. I kick it old school and literally use a cheap mop plus this, and it does the trick for cleaning my floors in a jiffy. I love that it’s environmentally-friendly and does not leave streaks on my floors either. Plus, the smell {almond} is nice.

Lemon Essential Oil

doTerra Lemon Essential Oil - Spring Favorites

This is my absolute favorite essential oil. Just smelling it puts me in a good mood and totally has me thinking spring. I love how long it lasts me, it’s inexpensive, and pretty much can do anything! Four of my favorite uses:

  • As a chemical-free antibacterial hand sanitizer {I love it in the car with the kids if we go to eat}.
  • In homemade cleaning supplies {I use it on my laminate bathroom floors mixed with vinegar}.
  • In water to change-up the flavor. It’s the best energy booster for a preggo like myself!
  • To freshen that load of laundry I almost always forget to throw in the dryer before bed.

So there you have it, folks. A few of my springtime favorites.

What are you digging this spring?

*This post contains Amazon affiliate links. When you purchase something through one of links, you support my family. I would be discussing these products no matter what though ;) post-signature

Karina’s Day at 18 Months Old

My dear Karina,

You’re 18 months old today and just as sassy and adorable as the day we met; the day you were born. You fill such a huge piece of my heart with your giggles, little teeth and dance moves and I simply can’t imagine life without you.

Although 18 months isn’t my favorite age {I’ll be honest with you…It’s downright exhausting}, you are learning at rapid speeds and just becoming your own little person. It has been an absolute blessing seeing you grow since your first birthday.

Can you believe you stopped nursing a few weeks ago? This has changed our day so much. Part of it was me pushing you to cool it a bit, part of it was you being OK with it. I am so sad in many respects, but you have adjusted beautifully, so I’m not going to complain. Thank you for being open to change — my body appreciates the break ;)

I thought I’d show you what a typical day at home is like for you these days. Of course, our days are ever-changing, but this is a good synopsis of what you do on a daily basis.

Karina’s Day At 18 Months

8 a.m. You’re up! Not in the best mood, but you settle for a few cuddles before begging for some food.


I prep you a little plate of fruit to eat before we make breakfast when your sister wakes up. We play with your Little People while Curious George plays in the background.

9:30 a.m. Breakfast and free play while mama is on a conference call.


I help you build with your LEGOs and you bring me all your doctor tools. The stethoscope {your favorite thing ever} goes on and stays on for the next few hours. You and your sister do great while I’m on my call…Thank you, girls!


11 a.m. We head into town to register you for “school” next year. By school, I mean an educational playgroup you and I are going to do together next year one day a week. Before we get into the car, you and Kinley demand a snack and you get excited as I offer you an apple, your favorite!


How you eat them always amazes me. For only having 5 teeth, you chow down like a champ!


11:45 a.m. We’re back home and it’s time for lunch, which is bananas, a piece of cheese, some cucumber and half of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, in which you proceed to take apart before eating. Can’t complain about your appetite. You eat just about anything I give you. Except raspberries!


Noon. More free play, followed by reading books. You don’t have a lot of patience for them today, so we settle on a few quick ones where you laugh and point at doggies and kitties. You also enjoy flipping through the pages of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. The page with all his food is your favorite!

1 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. You fall asleep within a few minutes as a rock you into your nap. I cherish these moments with just you and I so much. You are seriously the best cuddler ever and I love kissing your head as you drift off to sleep. Sweet dreams, baby girl.

…A few hours later, Kinley barges in after she’s heard you stirring. She’s asked me about 5 times if you are up yet because she’s ready to play. You are so proud to show her how you pulled your socks off!


3:30 – 5 p.m. More free play. This time you and Kinley play with stuffed animals in the crib for a bit and then we have a living room dance party to solid gold oldies!

This day daddy also surprised us with an early arrival home. You get so excited when he comes home at the end of the day and always run up to greet him. He entertains you while mama gets dinner ready.


5 p.m. Crock pot dinner. Rice with salsa chicken, black beans, corn and avocado. You absolutely LOVE holding hands to pray beforehand. Melts our hearts on a daily basis.


5:30 p.m. Daddy play time. He tickles you and tosses you into the air and gets you laughing hard. I love watching the bond grow between the two of you.

As I clean dishes, we sing songs. You adore “Wheels On The Bus,” and are so proud to have recently mastered moving your hands like the wheels. Of course your other favorite part is saying “shh shh shh” like the mama’s on the bus.

6:30 p.m. Bath time followed by some more play and a little TV. You and Kinley laugh a ton in the tub together. It’s adorable. Of course, she can’t let you get out without us making a spike in your hair with the soap!


7:30 p.m. Books and bed time. Tonight’s favorite was your Thomas the Train book. You love trains and cars and almost always have one in your hands while you walk around.

After rocking you for awhile, I lay you down and you drift to sleep. Nighty-night, my precious little gal!


I love you so much, peanut, and can’t wait to see you continue to learn and grow more in the months ahead. Keep being the happy, independent and stubborn girl you are and I have no doubt you will reach for the stars and beyond in your lifetime.

Kisses to the moon and back,


Karina's Favorites


…And Then There Were 5

Pregnancy Announcement

My mom always told me the best blessings are unexpected…I think it was her way of justifying my surprise arrival into the world. I can officially now say I believe it.

Right before Thanksgiving, I found out I was pregnant. We had planned to have three children, but I was planning on waiting at least another year when Kinley was closer to going to school fulltime, Karina was fully weaned, and my 30th birthday was long past.

Well, God had other plans. I am pregnant with baby Weber #3, and after getting over the initial shock of three positive pregnancy tests {because truthfully, I was in denial}, I couldn’t be more excited. Babies are always a blessing, despite the chaos that is sure to ensue in our home during the next 18+ years. I am due August 1, just a few days after Karina’s 2nd birthday, so my kids will all be around 2 years apart. We just keep thinking about ages 13, 15 and 17. Say a prayer for us now ;)

I wish we could be one of those awesome couples that wait to find out what parts baby is hiding, but we just can’t. I am too excited and ready to plan. I would be lying if I told you I didn’t want a boy, because I do {hubby doesn’t mind either way}. I’ve always thought I’d have boys, so was shocked when I learned I was having girls both times {yet truly elated…girls rock}. Honestly though, any healthy baby will do. We have plenty of room in our hearts to love on whatever little nugget comes our way!

My pregnancies with both girls were similar — food aversions, similar cravings {clementines}, nausea and hyper sensitive to smells. I haven’t had any of those symptoms this time…I just felt flaky and tired at 8 p.m., and that I could eat a house! Seriously, I have never felt so hungry in my life. I am trying my best to stay healthy, but have had quite a few breakdowns of junk. Thankfully, I’ve tried to eat lots of fruits and veggies and take my prenatal vitamins daily to help balance it out a bit.

Due to my uterus being ready to rock, I already have quite a belly. So much so that I’ve been wearing maternity pants/my fat pants since 9 weeks. Pretty sure I didn’t need them until 12/13 weeks with both girls. I was convinced I was having twins at first due to how fast I popped…Turns out, there’s just one in there. When they say you really pop quick with #3, they aren’t lying!

As far as our family plan, this will be my last baby, so I am just trying to enjoy the amazingness of being pregnant. Stay tuned and I will be sure to bore update you all on my progress :D

Cheers to new, unexpected beginnings in 2014!

Were all of your pregnancies planned? Also, moms of three: How the heck do you manage? I’m nervous!


Winter Favorites

This post contains affiliate links. That didn’t sway my decisions at all — promise!

I’ll admit it: Winter isn’t my favorite season, but it does have some charm to it, right? Like the way the snow sparkles in the sun. And kids look all cute bundled up with rosy cheeks. I admit, after that, I don’t have much. But for now, I’m trying to enjoy the slower pace of life that comes with being stuck inside due to icy roads and frigid temps. It’s kind of nice for a change!

I am excited to feature some of my winter favorites that get me through this season here in Michigan. This list is inspired by my friend Detroit Duchess, who features her seasonal favorites regularly. See her latest list here.

Carmex Cherry Lip Balm

Carmex Lip Balm

This is one of my favorite chapstick brands for cold weather lips. It’s hardcore and one of the only kinds that will treat my chapped lips super insanely quick. Plus, there’s SPF in it for summertime too!

Atwater Vanilla Java Porter

Atwater Brewery

I love a darker beer year-round, but winter just begs for it. This brew from Atwater Brewery in Detroit is one of my favorites! Very heavy in the coffee flavor makes it extra yummy to me. It’s 5.5% alcohol, so not too strong, but enough to pack a punch. So.Good. {Also, since Detroit is a bit of a drive for me, I am thankful I can purchase this at my local Meijer.} Drink local, friends!

Frozen Soundtrack

Frozen Soundtrack

OK, this is for the kids, right? Well, not really. I love this soundtrack! First, it’s perfect for winter given all the talk about snowmen and the land of Arendelle covered in deep deep deep deep snow. Second, it’s SO catchy that even my husband finds himself singing along. This truly is the Disney I feel we’ve been missing since The Lion King.

A Great Book – The Fault In Our Stars

The Fault In Our Stars

I’ve been spending a ton of time at the library lately, and a ton of time reading. This young adult book will warm your frozen heart…But be warned you will need tissues! P.S. Yes/No Films just informed me that this is going to be made into a film this year. Go read it first! Books always trump the movies, right? ;) Read more about the synopsis over here at one of my favorite websites — Goodreads.

Winter Headband

Erin's Headbandz

A knit headband is not only practical, but can be adorable! I love wearing hats, but since I’m a mom, I wear my hair up more often than not. A headband is the perfect solution during winter. My friend Erin makes these adorable and warm knit ones for just $15. I love the one she made for me and wear it almost daily!

On Guard Essential Oil by doTerra

doTerra On Guard Essential Oil

I’ll admit — I was a little skeptical about essential oils at first. Now that I’ve been using them for a while, I’m ready to tell you all that they ROCK. This “protective blend” oil is my favorite for winter because it can truly help to fight colds and sore throats…and has ingredients we’re all familiar with {cinnamon, clove bud, eucalyptus, rosemary and wild orange}. Simply put a couple drops in bath water, in a vaporizer, or use it directly on your feet. I also suffer from cankersores  a few times a year, and this oil instantly numbs it and helps it go away quickly — something I have never experienced from OTC meds. Bonus points: It smells good, tastes good, and lasts a long time {it’s a tad pricey, but you only use about 2 drops each time}.

So there you have it, a few of my favorite {wintertime} things!

What are your favorite products and things this winter?



Breastfeeding…Nearly 17 Months Later

This post is about my breastfeeding journey. Please know I support you no matter how you choose to feed your child. This is just something that has been a huge part of my life lately and I need to write it out :)

Lately I’ve noticed a trend among family and friends, and heck — even strangers. When they find out I am still breastfeeding Karina, who is pretty darn close to 17 months, their eyes BUG out.

“You’ve got to get her weaned! Don’t you want your body back?” says a woman very close to me {*cough* my mother}.

Even a mom stranger made a comment one day at the library…”I can’t imagine breastfeeding when a child has teeth!” When I told her I was still nursing, she stopped in her tracks and eventually walked off. Guess I freaked her out. {For the record, I’ve only been bit once and after I screamed out, she hasn’t done it again.}

In some ways, I’ve never felt so judged in motherhood, not that I take it personally. Because like a lot of things in motherhood, unless you’ve been there, you don’t understand. Period.

In fact, I never understood how hard weaning is. And frankly, I don’t want to fight my child about it and deny her the ONE thing that makes her the happiest.

Penelope Cruz just came out saying “breastfeeding is addicting.” Yeah, I do not see it that way at all. I am NOT addicted. But my baby is. And it’s not crack, so how can I get mad at her for wanting something that is natural and is healthy for both of us? Most cultures recommend nursing for the first two years, though I do feel there’s a stigma around extended breastfeeding here in America.

Breastfeeding...17 Months Later

Nursing at the car dealership while buying a minivan. How very mom of me, eh? HA. Also, look at those eyes. Can you know understand why I can’t deny her?!

With Kinley, it was easy…She took a bottle of pumped milk pretty much from day one and just decided to quit nursing cold turkey at 10 months. I had quite a supply built up in the freezer, so she lasted awhile, but I did buy a few cans of formula to get her through the remainder of the year. I never had an ounce of guilt about it…It was just time. She was happy, and I was happy.

But my Karina has been SO different. She has NEVER taken a bottle. Not one. Going away for more than two hours at a time when she was young was incredibly hard for me knowing she was home screaming her head off for the boob. Eventually she got used to it and would just wait until I was home, but it was a long road. As a gal likes to be on the go, it was a healthy dose of the reality and sacrifices of motherhood for me. Thankfully, my husband is incredible and eventually found other ways to keep her occupied while I got out. Thank God she LOVED solids from the very first taste!

Even today, knowing I can’t leave her for more than one night is tough. I’d love to go on a relaxing mini vacay for a couple of nights with the hubby, but it’s just not in the cards. I can’t even plan ahead because right now I see no end in sight.

For now, I’ve employed the “don’t offer, don’t refuse” method. Some mornings she’s fine…She gets up and plays and doesn’t need to nurse until nighttime. Other days, when we’re home and she’s feeling needy {or teething}, she’ll nurse up to 5 times. She brings me her boppy and blankie, and will just stand there and cry until I cave. And I always do. I can’t say no when I know of a surefire method to make her happy again.

There are lots of positives to nursing into toddlerhood, but the big one for me is that it’s the only time during my day I truly get to relax. In fact, I wrote this entire post while nursing her. The only time it has been a challenge is when we were hardcore potty training Kinley. I literally sat on the floor nursing while encouraging Kinley to potty. I won’t sugarcoat it — those days were long and hard — but I survived.

The reality is I am ready to be done {and so is my husband}, but she simply is not. We all want what’s best for our kids, right? And right now, I guess that means I will be nursing her until she’s decided she’s done. I’m holding out hope that it naturally happens in the next few months, but we shall see.

{If you need some nursing encouragement, read my letter: Dear Newly Nursing Mother.}

When did your child(ren) naturally wean?


12 Days of Happy

For the post below, I am linking up with fellow Michigan blogger Parsimonious Pash for her 12 Days of Happy! 

During the holiday season, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the silly things: When you might find time to shop, or wrap gifts {does anyone want to wrap mine?}, how you can find time to squeeze in dinners and parties, and of course, the financial burdens that come with all of it.

For the days ahead, let’s all try our best to focus on the HAPPY part of the season: The random acts of kindness. Seeing how children light up with every little twinkling light. Lighting a menorah, or reading the story of Jesus’ birth. Wouldn’t we all be better off focusing on those things instead of what we want?


Here are the 12 items I am choosing to focus on in the days ahead:

1. Decor imperfections. This is not a year of a beautifully decorated house for me. The bottom half of the tree is missing nearly all of its ornaments, my jingle bells are hiding in the couch cushions, and my sparkling decor balls I carefully placed in a glass jar are being tossed around like toys. Nothing is in the place it should be. But it’s a beautiful chaos. It shows how much my children are enjoying it all, and that brings me much joy.

2. Lights. I’ve always adored Christmas lights, and I love driving around and finding the most decked out houses. Sometimes, I literally want to write those people thank you notes to say how much I enjoyed the lights on their home. I think this year I will do just that! Hearing the joy in Kinley’s voice while we’re driving around — “Mom! Look! Christmas lights!!!!” — is excitement in its purest form. Thank you to all who take the time to decorate your home — we appreciate it.

3. Food. Need I say more?! Cookies, candies, and all the not-so-healthy appetizers, are one of my favorite ways to indulge during the holiday season.

4. Family. This time of year is the time we get to see our families the most. It brings me so much joy to see the smiles my kids can bring to all their loving aunts and uncles and grandparents. Also, awkward family photos are sure to happen. because lord knows we can’t get all the kiddos in my family to all smile at once. While it makes me crazy, it is pretty funny to look back at them!

Awkward Family Photo

5. Bundling up. OK, I hate the cold. But I hate being cooped up even more, so I will bundle up to play or walk so I can enjoy the great outdoors. And this is the one time of year I happen to love snow.

6. Music. I am the nerd that listens to Christmas music on Nov. 1. I try not to do anything else “Christmas-y” until after Thanksgiving, but I just love Christmas music. I have so many fond memories of it as a kid, so I think that’s what fuels my passion.

7. Seeing Santa. I find it fascinating to watch children meet Santa. So far, there has been NO interest from my girls, though the hype and excitement leading up to the actual meeting had me fooled. It’s just plain fun to see what your kiddos are going to do when they sit on the jolly old man’s lap.

Seeing Santa

Neither of them knew what to do. At least there weren’t any tears!

8. Holiday events. From parades, to holiday light tours, there are so many awesome events all around us! Do a little digging, and you can have so much fun at local and FREE events. See my list of SE Michigan December happenings.

9. Christmas outfits. There is nothing cuter than Christmas outfits on little people…fluffy dresses with big ribbons for little girls and bowties and suspenders on little men are my favorites! Best part is they are only worn for one/two days, so it’s the perfect item to trade with friends or purchase at a mom-to-mom sale so you don’t have to spend a lot.

10. Seasonal scents and flavors. Mmmm…for peppermint mocha anything! I also love my spruce candle and anything smelling like sugar cookies.

11. Books. We rent books from the library weekly and have had fun renting children’s books highlighting holiday traditions around the world. But of course, The Polar Express and The Night Before Christmas never get old.

12. Random acts of kindness. Nothing warms my heart quite like hearing about the wonderful acts of kindness shared between mankind during this time of year. Such a great testament to what the season should truly be about.

Weber Kiss

They fight one moment, then turn to kiss and make up. Sisters!

What are your favorite happy parts surrounding the holiday season?


NickMom #MotherFunny Things My 3-Year-Old Says

Collective Bias Disclosure #shop

OK, we all know kids say the darnest things. I knew this going into motherhood. What I didn’t know was how funny it would be to hear your kids get absolutely mind blown on a daily basis. I’m so excited to share some of my NickMom MotherFunny moments!

Kinley is at such an awesome age — 3. While the temper tantrums and potty woes are constant battles, she is finally starting to become her own little person and put the world together. This has resulted in SO many #MotherFunny moments lately.

NickMom #MotherFunny #shop

{Typical photo these days. Seriously, good photographers for 3-year-olds deserve millions.}

Our funniest moments seem to fall into two categories — body parts and potty humor. Because let’s be real: Both supply dozens of giggles on a daily basis — no matter how old you are. Sometimes I just have to laugh at things I say that combine both subject areas, i.e. “Get your hands out of your pants!” Or, “If you touch your poop, I might throw up!” I can’t even believe the things that fly out of my mouth.

But this is about the things Kinley says…

NickMom #MotherFunny #shop 1

{Just heading out for a walk…}


I’m still nursing Karina, so that alone brings the craziest questions and comments…Like, when we’re in public and Karina is crying. Kinley tells me, loud as heck, in the middle of Meijer:


Lately, she has been asking me a lot of questions about boobs. “Does Cinderella have boobs?” “Does Dora have boobs?” “Will I have boobs when I’m big?” — These are questions that have caught me off-guard to say the least.

The other part she is obsessed with is bellies. Some recent observations she’s had looking at my belly:

“Mom, why is your belly so soft?” and “Why do you have scratches on your belly?” {No worries, she now knows those are my tiger stripes and I earned them carrying two babies ;)}

NickMom #MotherFunny #shop 2

{Just another typical ensemble to wear while playing in the rain.}

She also is fascinated with the hubby’s belly and has said some funny things to him:

“Dad, does a caterpillar live in your belly?” and “Do you even have a belly button under all that hair?”

Thank goodness she doesn’t get the whole penis thing yet. Lord help me when she notices that on a baby boy one day!


I haven’t even taught her my childhood favorite song: When you’re driving in a Chevy and your pants are kind of heavy, diarehea *fart noise*fart noise* — and yet she still just knows to make up songs about poop. How does this even happen? Why are bodily functions so funny to kids?

I’ve recently been asked what boogers are made of, where farts come from, and what is in poop. No joke. Someone get this kid a bodily functions dictionary stat!

NickMom #MotherFunny #shop 3

{She is not reading a bodily functions dictionary above, but I do think it may be a good present for her this year.}

If you need a laugh, be sure to visit NickMom.com’s “Kid’s Say of The Day” page. It cracks me up and is seriously kid humor at its finest!

See more hilarity at NickMom.com, on Twitter @NickMom or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/nickmom.

What “MotherFunny” things have your kids said lately? Write me a comment or share on Twitter with the hashtag #MotherFunny!


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