You don’t know motherhood until _________.

One of my favorite things ever is soliciting feedback on Facebook. Last week I was thinking about all the random things I’ve experienced with motherhood so far and many of them made me laugh out loud and think, “Did I ever imagine I would be laughing about these situations?”

I’m only 18 months into motherhood and already it has been a riot. But I have to wonder…What’s to come?

I sent my fellow mom Facebook fans a challenge to write me a response to the following statement: You don’t know motherhood until _______________. The responses I got were so awesome, I just knew I had to make a post to include them all – some absolutely hysterical and some just darn beautiful. Here’s what the gals had to say:

You don’t know motherhood until _________.

 Mrs. Weber’s Neighborhood: You have fished toys out of the toilet and re-wrapped the toilet paper roll for the 4th time in a day.

  Andrea: you have found yourself watching Pajanimals for a good 10 minutes before realizing you put the kid to bed hours ago.

  Rusti: You have gone out in public covered in baby puke and not known it…or cared when you did notice 😉

 Jill: you clean up vomit at 2am, then again 3am then 4am…

 Mrs. Weber’s Neighborhood: You pull poop out of a constipated newborn’s butt…

 Andrea: You patiently sit there with a baby wipe under your baby’s butt while he continues to poop after his diaper is off.

 Rusti: You stop changing your nursing cami after the second or third time you’ve been puked on because you know you’ll have a full load of laundry to do (while naked) if you don’t.

 Deanna: You watch such a simple, everyday act — such as your daughter dragging around a toy bin with determination in her eyes so she can set up shop across the room — and have your heart swell with pride and love.

 Kristin: You’ve experienced it

 Donna: you set aside your own needs for the comfort of theirs.

 Korie: You learn all over how much wonder there is in simple things like dandelions, sandboxes, Popsicles and empty oatmeal containers.

 Tina: Your little one says ‘I love you mommy’ for the first time.

 Rebecca: You pump in a closet at work, using those 15 minutes to recover from the night of zero sleep.

 Melissa: You have fed the baby in the middle of the night, changed his diaper, pumped, and as you crawl back in bed he cries….repeat process

 Kim: You are willing to do just about anything…sing, read, drive around in the middle of the night, sell your soul to the devil…just to get your bundle of “joy” to GO TO SLEEP!

 Emily: You’ve been there.

 Krista: You have to hold your screaming 3-year-old down as a team of emergency room doctors use scary pointy things to fish a googily eye out of his nose.

 Jennifer: You crawl out of what feels like your death bed to take care of your child who also has the flu!

 Alysia: I spent my 30th birthday with food poisoning, along with my almost 2 year old and my 3 year old, all of us puking nonstop for hours. Now *that* was a memorable birthday!

 The Mom with Moxie: You find a Hot Wheel, coated in smushed grapes, in the bottom of your purse. It’s happened more than once.

How fabulous are all of these?!

What would you say to complete the sentence “You don’t know motherhood until __________.” Make us all laugh more!


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    • Mrs. Weber says

      Amen! I still have yet to experience the vomit part, but I’m sure that will happen some day…

  1. says

    Oh I can’t stop laughing at these . . . they are all so true! I have to add, when you sit in pee on the toilet. When you ask what happened, your son explains that his penis was shaped like a ‘V’ and he accidentally peed all over!
    Erin recently posted..Bring on the RainMy Profile