5 Reasons You Need A Fitbit Flex #VZWMidwest

5 Reasons You Need A Fitbit Flex

I am testing the Fitbit® Flex in partnership with Verizon Wireless Midwest. All opinions expressed are my own.

The time has come…It’s time for me to send back my precious Fitbit I’ve had for the past four months. You guys, I am SO sad. This is definitely a purchase I will be making in the near future. I love love love it!

During my last Fitbit update I told you all how I wanted to hit my goal of 10k steps for 30 days straight. I am sad to report I fell short of my goal. I did awesome for a few weeks, only to be hit with a sinus infection that knocked me on my booty for 3 weeks straight. After that, I was suffering from leg fatigue at the end of the day due to my varicose veins in my legs. I know – excuses, excuses!

Regardless of falling short, I am still obsessed with my Fitbit. A few people have commented they would be afraid it would bother them to wear, but to be honest, I got used to it in no time. Now feels like a part of me — just like a watch.

As a reminder to those who aren’t familiar, The Fitbit Flex electronically tracks how many steps you take, how far you’ve walked {in miles}, your estimated calorie burn based on those stats, and how restful your sleep was if you wear it overnight. It can also track your calorie intake if you are curious about that as well.

Fitbit Flex iPhone App - 5 Reasons You Need A Fitbit Flex

A peek inside the Fitbit Flex iPhone app

With that, here’s an additional 5 Reasons You Need A Fitbit:

1. It’s SO easy to track your activity during the day. Seriously. I love using the free iPhone app to see where my steps are and up my game if need be. Or, if I’m at home, I simply log into my dashboard online.

2. In the four months I’ve had the device, it has only failed me three times. And by fail, I mean it didn’t tell me when my battery was low {it usually sends me an email}, so it didn’t track my steps correctly. It’s insanely accurate, and I wear it in the shower daily and have even worn it in the pool on several occasions. For a tech device, I’d say that’s a pretty good track record!

3. If you’re watching your calorie in-take, it will sync with MyFitnessPal or other apps. Obviously I’m not caring about my calories as much during pregnancy, but I love that feature since I will be watching myself more post-pregnancy to help shed some weight. You can even set a goal weight and it can tell you how many steps you should take daily to help achieve your goal.

4. It gets people talking about health. People are always asking me what the device on my wrist is. I love having the opportunity to talk about it. Any time we can openly talk about our health concerns, I feel it creates an important dialogue I wish we all were discussing more frequently. Also, I feel bonded to others wearing them — it’s like being in the cool kids club.

5. A bit of friendly competition can be motivational. You can add friends in your Fitbit profile for some friendly competition and to motivate each other. This is a great way to help friends and family members get active!

Honestly, the only beef I have with the product is that it doesn’t take into consideration how many of my steps involve carrying 25 pound+ children, but I’m sure that technology will be coming soon enough ;)

The Fitbit Flex retails for $99.99 at VerizonWireless.com

Visit the Verizon Midwest blog to learn about news, updates and about the devices offered.

Do you use a fitness tracker? Which ones do you love?


Downtown Milford’s Ladies Night Out Returns April 24, 2014

Meet Me In Milford

Looking for an excuse to shop and dine with your girlfriends? I have the event for you, southeast Michigan gals: Milford’s Ladies Night Out!

If you’ve never visited the Village of Milford {just north of I-96 in southwestern Oakland County}, you are missing out. It is by far one of the area’s most charming downtowns, chock full of great restaurants and fun shops.

Twice a year, the village hosts a super fun night out just for the ladies! Here’s the scoop:

Gather the girls and head to downtown Milford for the highly anticipated, biannual Ladies Night Out on Thursday, April 24. Shopaholics, fashionistas and foodies alike will relish in a night of great deals and meals from 5-9 p.m.

Milford's Ladies Night Out - April 24, 2014

Photo courtesy of the Milford Downtown Development Authority

“The Village of Milford offers stores and restaurants to suit a variety of interests and tastes,” said Ann Barnette, executive director of the Milford Downtown Development Authority. “Ladies Night Out is the perfect opportunity for locals and visitors to explore the downtown shopping district and experience what makes our Village an Oakland County destination.”

From giveaways and discounts to complimentary snacks and beverages, event goers are guaranteed to enjoy a special girl’s night while previewing the latest trends and merchandise in clothing, furniture, gifts, accessories and more.

Throughout the evening, visitors are invited to collect stamps on the official Ladies Night Out postcard at any of the 35 participating businesses. Attendees who collect 10 stamps and drop off their completed postcard at any participating location will be eligible to win one of 40 gift certificates worth at least $20 each.

Visitors are also welcome to travel downtown early to enjoy specials at Milford’s exquisite eateries, including Milford House Bar and GrillGravity Bar and GrillPalateSmoke Street Barbecue and more.

For more information on the Village of Milford’s Ladies Night Out, visit www.meetmeinmilford.com.

When is the last time you have a ladies night out? What did you do? I’m always up for an adventure with my girlfriends!


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Guatemalan Stargazer from Reef.com

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Red Vine Pizza at Blaze Pizza Royal Oak

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24 Weeks Pregnant

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Day Out With Thomas At Greenfield Village April 26-27, May 3-4 and 10-11, 2014


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