12 Tips for Natural Childbirth {One Mom’s Experience}

“Birth sticks with a woman, remaining in her bone and her flesh as an embodied memory long after the baby has left her womb.” – Pamela E. Klassen

When I posted on my Facebook that Miles was born, I contemplated whether or not I should add that it was a drug-free birth. I went back and forth, hoping it wouldn’t come across as bragging, since lord knows us moms need to feel inferior about something else.

I asked the husband, and he said after all I went through during my first two labors, I deserved to brag. So I did it. Because you know what? I am damn proud. Proud my body, heart and head finally aligned for our third and final baby.

After two births that were traumatic to me, I finally have the story I am proud to share.

Before this, when I thought of my births, I had a bit of hostility…Why didn’t my body just allow birth to happen? Why did an epidural not provide me relief? Why did I need the vacuum during my first birth, pitocin during my second, and painful episiotomies both times when I didn’t have many friends who experienced these medical interventions? Of course, I was elated when my girls arrived healthy, but thinking of the entire process, I felt bitter, especially as I grew more educated about birth.

These factors are one of the reasons I chose a midwife for my third baby {in a hospital setting}. After studying what they do different, I knew that would be the route I should go to avoid having a repeat of my first two births where I didn’t feel in control at all.

During my first meeting with my midwife, I spoke nervously to her about my past birth experiences and she suggested I had postpartum post-traumatic stress disorder and should consider talking to a therapist. I am not above seeking help when needed, but I knew I could overcome my birthing fears on my own if I educated myself more.

Having a natural birth was such a healing process for me, so I want to share 12 things I did differently this time around.
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Smoked Sausage, Egg and Cheese Bake Recipe for #MIDairy

Smoked Sausage, Egg and Cheese Bake

The post below is sponsored by the United Dairy Industry of Michigan. I was compensated for developing a recipe using dairy products, however, all opinions expressed are my own.
With three little ones, I’ll admit it: I don’t cook a full-blown breakfast as often as I’d like these days. Not that we go out, either. Between needy kids and a loves-to-nurse in the morning babe, I’m just usually scrambling in the morning and throwing whatever is in the fridge together. I need recipes that are EASY since I usually am holding the baby and attempting to keep the toddler out of the pantry and fridge.
With school in the afternoon for Kinley and general toddler pickyness, I need them to eat a FILLING breakfast because the rest of our day is generally a crapshoot of what they will actually eat.
This smoked sausage, egg and cheese bake is one of my absolute favorite recipes to throw together for both breakfast and brinner {breakfast for dinner}. It is a HUGE hit in our house. Since it seems pretty rare these days that we all like the same things, I make this one often, especially when smoked sausage goes on sale and I have beautiful farm fresh eggs from my friend who raises chickens.
Eggs - Smoked Sausage, Egg and Cheese BakeAren’t farm fresh eggs just the prettiest? I love how they come out in all different colors and sizes!
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Our Experience at Breakfast On The Farm {Uphaus Farms in Manchester, Michigan}

Breakfast on the Farm - Michigan

Supporting Michigan agriculture is a passion of mine and something I have enjoyed learning about since marrying my husband who grew-up on a farm. My kids absolutely love visiting my in-laws farm. From checking out the tractors, to sticking their hands in the corn crib and grabbing feed for the cows — it truly is such a […]

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Summer Wedding Memories + Giveaway with Papyrus and Meijer {ENDS 9/22}

Meijer Giveaway

The giveaway below is sponsored by Meijer. I received promotional items and a gift card in exchange for this post. I love that summertime creates so many memories among friends and families. One of my favorite things about summer is weddings! For me, there’s nothing quite like a wedding…From the flowers and dancing to witnessing […]

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Baby Week + New mPerks Features for Meijer Shoppers

mPerks personalized rewards

Attention Meijer shoppers! There are some BIG changes happening over in Meijer land today that just may officially make me a forever loyal Meijer shopper. First, if you don’t use mPerks and shop at Meijer, go get it now. You can register by visiting mperks.meijer.com or by downloading the mPerks app for free in the iTunes App Store […]

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Our Birth Announcement Reveal + Custom Invitation Giveaway with Small Moments {Ends 9/15}

Baby Announcement by Small Moments

One thing I love creating when my babies arrive into this world is a birth announcement. Sure, there’s Facebook to see baby updates and share photos with family near and far, but I love having a hard copy of the newest littles in my life to hang on my fridge. In fact, looking at the things […]

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My Hair Donation To Wigs 4 Kids

My Hair Donation to Wigs 4 Kids

There is no denying it — each of us has had cancer impact our lives in some way or another. This week I had a new reason to say screw cancer, because two family members were diagnosed with it. Like most of the world, I loathe cancer. I hate that it hurts so many people, and I really hate […]

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Family Fun in Southeast Michigan in September 2014

Family Fun in Southeast Michigan in September 2014

September is just around the corner, which means it’s time for another installment of family fun around Ann Arbor, Detroit, Flint and Lansing! I don’t know about you all, but I am really looking forward to this month…Back-to-school {a.k.a. back to a routine – yay!}, apple picking, cider, donuts and a few of the fabulous […]

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Our Newborn Photo Session with Deanna Spivey Photography, Metro Detroit Photographer

Deanna Spivey Photography Newborn 3

I often like to stand on my soapbox and tell moms-to-be a few things they should consider getting with a new baby. Skip the $500 strollers and the heaps of things you may never use — get a great camera, a great rocking chair, and a photo package for the baby’s first year of life, or […]

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The Wet Brush: Best Detangling Brush {Review + Giveaway ENDS 9/4}

The Wet Brush

Disclosure: I was provided with The Wet Brush for the purpose of writing this review. There is one hair battle I have fought long and hard my entire life: Thick hair. Many people say they would love to have hair as thick as mine. Well people, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be…It takes […]

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Calm Preschool Anxiety With These Books

Calm Preschool Anxiety With These 7 Books

The post below contains Amazon affiliate links. When you make purchases through my links, it helps my family. Something nobody warned me about when we starting approaching 4 years old…ANXIETY. My daughter has always been the shy and cautious type. There’s no way around it — if she’s uncomfortable in a situation, she will let […]

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Think Walgreens for Back-To-School Immunizations + Tips for Anxiety! #GiveaShot #CollectiveBias

Get A Shot, Give A Shot

Disclosure:  This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #CollectiveBias Back-to-School time means back to the doctor in every mom’s world for vaccinations. Not sure about you all, but we spend SO much time at the doctor these days for check-ups between me and my three […]

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