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I am trying my hardest to make every day special for Kinley and I before baby #2 arrives and our lives turn to chaos for some time. So each day, we do something fun and low-cost — whether it be a visit with friends or just heading to the lake for a few hours before nap time. Although I am beyond tired {and hot!} most days, I know the importance of making time for these little outings.

And it never fails…At some point in my day, I have to read a special book to her: My Mommy Is a Blogger! by fellow Michigan blogger at Green and Clean Mom, Summer Poquette. My dear friend Becky, who blogs over at Simple Sweetness, surprised me in the mail with this little gem a few months back and we are getting some major usage out of it.

Funny enough, Kinley, not even two-years-old, is obsessed with it and often picks it up and says “Mama, blogger,” until I read it to her. I often wonder if she understands that me blogging is part of the reason I check my computer during the day? {Even though I do most of my blogging after she goes to bed!} Whatever it is, it makes me laugh. And of course, it’s one book I don’t mind reading over and over and over again since I hope one day she will write/journal/blog her memories as well :)

The book is adorable and the colorful illustrations are fabulous.

Thank you, Summer, for not only enhancing my child’s love for reading, but also for explaining blogging in a way both my husband and own mother can understand, too — because believe me, they both have had their share of reading the book as well.

Interested in purchasing the book? Visit here to order an autographed copy and support a fellow blogger!

What is your child’s current favorite book? 


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    Aw, sweet! Love reading together moments. Yes, enjoy these final days of just the two of you, I promise, you will miss them with a poignancy (though of course you’ll love the time with all THREE of you).
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