26 Simple, Inexpensive Acts of Kindness #26Acts

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Acts of Kindness

You want to do acts of kindness this holiday season to honor Sandy Hook victims, but where to begin when you’re on a budget? Here are some simple ideas that cost $5 or less:

1. Many charitable organizations are outside asking for change this time of year. Why don’t you buy them a warm drink to enjoy while standing in the cold? Or how about some toe warmers? {A stranger bought me a hot chocolate when I was ringing bells last year, and I think about it all the time. It was SO kind!}

2. {Idea from a friend}: Leave a cup of pennies by Sandy the Pony at Meijer. It’s one of the few things that costs a penny, and yet it brings so much joy to the lives of kids. If you’re not near a Meijer location, leave quarters in candy/toy machines.

3. Burn a CD with inspirational music {or Christmas music} and drop it off anonymously to neighbors with a nice note.

4. Buy a $5 gift card for a store you’re shopping in. Empower a cashier to give it to someone who looks like they need some cheering up.

5. Visit a nursing home. Purchase inexpensive carnations and walk around, wishing the elderly a Merry Christmas.

6. Help someone load groceries into their car.

7. Offer to put the cart away for someone with their hands full at the store.

8. Babysit a friend’s children so they can run errands and finish up Christmas shopping.

9. Donate used books to a library. These can often go toward used book sales, which help keep our libraries open.

10. Leave  a nice note to a waiter/waitress that did a great job or made you smile. Sure, big tips are nice, but encouraging words have the power to last a lifetime as well.

11. Leave a coupon next to a product at the store. It will make the next person who needs that item smile.

12. Let someone go ahead of you when in line somewhere — at the store, post office, or even in traffic.

13. Write a nice note or have your child draw a picture for your local police or firefighter station. Remind them of why they do the work they do…even on Christmas day.

14. If you’re going through the drive-thru, buy a meal/coffee for the person behind you.

15. Did you have an outstanding teacher or mentor that made a difference in your life? Write them a note telling them how much they meant to you.

16. We can’t forget to treat mother nature with kindness. Pick up trash when out and about.

17. Donate blood. I know it’s scary for many, but did you know you could save up to 3 lives with your one pint? And to more rare blood types {like myself, a B- gal}, it truly can make such a difference.

18. Join a group such a Freecycle, and give away items you aren’t using. This time of year, many families cannot afford things like Christmas lights or trees. Offer up ones you are not using {but are working, of course}.

19. Make a meal and give it to someone. Know of a neighbor or friend going through a rough time? Create a dish they can easily heat up and eat.

20. Write down inspiring quotes about kindness on sticky notes and leave them in public places, like the bathroom in a shopping mall. Here’s a good list of ideas to get you started.

21. If you use Pinterest and have discovered a great recipe, craft or idea from it, go comment on that person’s blog post. It makes a difference for bloggers to hear that their idea is loved 😉

22. Don’t forget about our furry friends. Go to a dollar store and purchase some inexpensive toys or treats and drop them off to a local animal shelter.

23. If you’re at the store, add a treat, like a candy bar, onto your order for the cashier.

24. Sign up to be an organ donor. Click here to determine how to sign-up in your state.

25. Since I know many of my readers are bloggers, and therefore decent photographers, offer to take photos of families in need {or just your neighbors/friends}. Photo sessions are expensive, so capturing a family for free is surely something that will be cherished for years to come.

26. Give a smile, a kiss, or a simple hug to all those you encounter. Let them know you love them and count each day as a blessing because of them.

What ideas can you add?


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  1. Love these Lauren. So excited to do this, and not just 26 things, I want to do it beyond that. There is nothing better then brightening up somebody’s day!!!

  2. Thanks for the list, Lauren! Great ideas!
    Dianna recently posted..I Cannot ImagineMy Profile

  3. Great list, Lauren! I am going to strive to do things like this, not just for the 26 acts, but for all year long.
    Kimberly recently posted..Essence Of Now: Celebrating ChanukahMy Profile

  4. I love this list and this idea. And like Kimberly said I want to strive to do these things all year long. The world needs more random acts of kindness!

  5. Thank you for sharing this wonderful list of budget-friendly ideas – it’s good to be reminded that being kind doesn’t have to cost a penny! I’ve posted a link to your page on my Facebook page. Keep spreading the love!


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