10 Ways To Use A Bed Sheet For Imaginative Play

10 Ways To Use A Bed Sheet For Imaginative Play


I have a secret: My kids don’t play with toys.

OK, maybe a little. But really, all they need are sticks, leaves, and rocks and they will have fun for hours. That’s what’s so awesome about kids — they really show us how to relish in the little things.

Except we can’t get out to enjoy all the sticks, leaves, and rocks as much anymore because it gets dark at 5 p.m. here in Michigan. Darn you Daylight Savings Time! We had a good thing going…After dinner, we’d go for a walk, or play at our neighborhood park. Now? NADA. We are forced to spend the two hours that follow dinner, until bath time and bed time, locked up in our house.

This is our family time, where I try to step away from all electronics and just be with my kids and hubby. But filling that time? It can be a challenge when we’re indoors.

That’s why I often whip out one of my favorite games: Let’s play with a bed sheet!

Bed sheets have been one of my favorite “toys” since I was a little girl, and I’ve been having a blast passing along the fun to my girls.

Here are my top 10 ways to use a bed sheet for imaginative play — perfect for little ones:

1. Bubbling lava. Have two adults sit on each side of the sheet holding the corners with their hands and moving the sheet in a fast manner while it’s low to the ground. Have the kids run across it as fast as they can so they don’t “burn” their toes.

2. Parachute. Count 1, 2, 3, go! Hold the sheet on the corner and let it catch air. Then crawl underneath and enjoy the bubble that surrounds you. Kid wonder right there, friends.

3. Fort building. Get creative! Make your sheet into a cave, or pitch a tent with it using a broomstick handle. The possibilities are endless!

4. Ball popper. Place 3 or 4 smallish balls on the sheet and gently pop them up in the air. Have the kids chase after the ones that fall off.

5. Dress-up. Put the sheet over you and pretend to be a ghost and chase the kids {my girls like this!}, or make a tail for your kids with it so they can pretend to be a fish or a mermaid.

6. London Bridge. Holding the corners, make the sheet into a bridge, and sing the nursery rhyme, allowing the child(ren) pass underneath it in a circular manner. When is comes to the “take the key and lock her/him up” part, wrap the sheet around the child so they are “stuck” inside.

7. Don’t touch the ground. Put pillows on the ground and pretend the carpet is lava. The child must get to the sheet fort to be safe.

Ways To Use A Bed Sheet For Imaginative Play

Kinley playing don’t touch the ground. Don’t mind the underware shot. She hates pants these days.

8. Color guessing game. Take stacking cups or colored blocks and hide one specific color underneath the sheet. Have your child guess what color is under there. A great way to practice colors, too!

9. Road Map. Use an old sheet to make a road map and drive cars and trucks on it. You could even draw on a little town with fabric markers.

10. Letters. Use the sheet to make a letter and have your child guess which one it is. Sometimes you may need another object for some letters, so get creative with the items around you!

I tell you friends, these activities will keep toddlers and preschoolers busy for at least an hour or two. And you may even have a little fun in the process too 😉

What are ways you beat the “it’s dark outside” blues? I will be sharing ideas as I think of them for sure!



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  1. karen medlin says

    Treasure Hunt, I hide a few things around the house a few day before, and give the kids clues on what they need to find, like a barbie, chuck e cheese token, a few are not reading yet, so our list is a picture of the items that the need to find. Easy place to hide is under their beds, I put something small by the soap or their toothbrushes. in the bathroom