Springtime Lawn Care Tips from Lush Lawn

The post below is sponsored by Lush Lawn. I am receiving complimentary lawn services in exchange for blog posts and social shares this summer. Opinions expressed are my own.

Lush Lawn

Taken last month after our first lawn application. Our lawn is much greener these days!

Tis the season, ya’ll! Time for grass cutting {and the delightful smell that follows}, raking, planting and more. I will admit — taking care of the lawn is not my favorite task, so I am absolutely ecstatic to have Lush Lawn help us out this year. Our subdivision is looking mighty green these days and it makes me SO happy to drive through!

In our 6 years of home ownership, my husband and I have learned a lot about lawn maintenance. Though I’ll admit he does all the laborious tasks of cutting and trimming, I am the planting, weed pulling and watering gal. It takes time, but we love having a beautiful lawn and some color around our house in the form of flowers.

I received these fun tips from Lush Lawn that serve as a great reminder of what all of us should be doing this spring.

Springtime Lawn Care Tips from Lush Lawn

Hairdressing 101 For Your Lawn


After a long winter’s nap, it’s a good idea to comb your lawn with a light raking to improve air flow and break up any matting caused by snow piles or snow mold formation. This will also get rid of unwanted debris. Viola! No more bed head.

Prep For The First Haircut

Dull scissors help to create split ends. Make sure that before you cut your lawn the first time in the spring, that your mower blades are sharpened. You will avoid tearing the grass and opening the lawn up to disease invasion. Also, split ends on the lawn will make it look dull in color.

Style From Short to Long

Grass, like hair, continues to grow out over time. In spring, your first few cuts should be shorter than your regular mowing height in summer. Think of men’s hair styles in the early 1960’s as spring and the late 1960’s as summer. The second lowest setting on the mower is fine if your lawn is perfectly flat, use a middle setting if you have dips in the lawn to avoid scalping areas (ouch!). After the initial cut, raise your mower deck one notch every other cut until it is at its highest level when summer heat hit’s (3 1/2″ – 4″). Never cut off more than 1/3 of the grass-blade, so mow the lawn every 6-7 days until growth slows in the summer. A taller lawn in summer will help to reduce weed invasion, you will need to water less often, it will stay green longer and it will also help to keep damage from insects to a minimum. It’s a groovy look!

Wash In The Morning

While some us enjoy washing our hair in the evening, this should never occur with your lawn as it welcomes disease activity. Always water in the early morning when possible (between 5:30 a.m. to 10 a.m.). Only water as needed in the spring in lieu of rainfall. Lawns need about 1″-2″ of water weekly depending on your soil type.


Most lawns look their best when they receive regular fertilization and weed control treatments. You can also add soil conditioners like Lime, gypsum and organic fertilizer to help improve results. Serious disease and insect issues should be addressed with specific control measures. Consult with a professional on these issues.

Lush Lawn is a family owned company based in Michigan that specializes in lawn care, pest control and tree services. They have offices in Brighton, Grand Blanc and Rochester Hills and offer services in those surrounding areas. Visit this link for a FREE quote and tell them I sent you!

How are your prepping your lawn this spring?



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    You have to take proper care of your lawn during the spring also. Taking proper steps to take care of your lawn can help you enjoy the beautiful lawn whole year.