Summer Bucket List 2012

Summer is quickly approaching, therefore I’ve decided to create my official list of the things I’d like to accomplish – both alone and as a family. This summer is going to be much different from the last since I will have a new baby in late July or early August, but I’m not going to let that stop me from having fun!

My list from last year brought a ton of traffic here and I was lucky to accomplish just about everything on my list. Thank you all for reading! Hope this one is just as exciting :)

1. Take photos of a field of sunflowers. (DONE)

2. Visit the petting farm and splash pad at Kensington Metropark.

3. See at least one outdoor concert. (DONE)

4. Have at least one night away with the hubby before baby arrives. (OK, FAILED. BUT PLANNING SOMETHING FOR LATE FALL!)

5. Watch the sunset over a lake. (DONE)

6. Run through the sprinkler. {It may look ridiculous while pregnant, but I don’t care!} (DONE)

7. Attend the Balloonfest and take photos of the hot air balloons. (DONE)

8. Visit Greenfield Village.

9. Buy produce from local farmer’s markets and roadside stands as often as possible. (DONE)

10. Make s’mores. And these campfire cones I found on Pinterest. And pizza hobo pies. YUM. (S’Mores = DONE)

11. Plant basil and tomatoes {+ more hopefully, but I’m being realistic!}. (DONE W/BASIL. NO GO ON TOMATOES THIS YR.)

12. Hit up as many garage and estate sales as possible. (IN PROCESS)

13. Visit the park and read books to my babies on a blanket.

14. Have an impromptu picnic for our family.

15. Finger paint on a rainy day. (DONE)

16. Introduce Kinley to the wonders of fort building. (DONE)

17. Drink my coffee on the deck — without my phone or computer — at least once a week.

18. Try a new recipe using ingredients I’ve never cooked with before.

19. Make an effort to get to know my neighbors better by baking something and dropping it off to them.

20. Teach my little gal the game hide and seek {my childhood favorite}. (DONE)

21. Drive by my childhood home in the country. Knock on the door and ask the people if I can take photos of the property.

22. Eat banana splits for dinner. (DONE)

23. Let Kinley get as dirty as she’d like in a day…without saying “no” while she digs in dirt. (DONE)

24. Take a Saturday morning to go on a photowalk alone.

25. Read at least one new book.

26. Download some new, summery-feeling music.

27. Try one new restaurant for burgers and one new place for pizza. (DONE)

28. Enjoy several bonfires. (DONE)

29. Witness a rainbow and try to capture it on camera. (DONE)

30. Put sunscreen on before going outside. {Easy to forget to do it myself!}

31. Make homemade lemonade.

32. Make root beer floats.

33. Decorate a stepping stone with our girl’s handprints in concrete to place in our garden.

34. Attend a parade.

35. Buy a pinwheel and a balloon at the grocery store for Kinley.

36. Once baby has arrived, try a new Michigan beer. And a new Michigan wine! (DONE)

37. Get Kinley her own fancy baby doll so she can do things like I do with her new sister. (DONE)

38. Create a list/menu of healthy toddler-friendly meals we’ve never ate.

39. Make my favorite summertime treats: Tex Mex dip, veggie pizza and fruit pizza. (DONE)

40. Pick blueberries at Hazen’s Farm…Try not to sweat to death! (THEY WERE TOO SMALL TO PICK!)

What’s on your summer bucket list?!


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  1. says

    I love your list :-) Let me know if you find a good sunflower field because I would really love to do that too! The Balloonfest would be cool too! I’m trying to pare my list back a little this year, because we are going to be gone so much. We have a week in Lexington planned, and a road trip out west that’s going to take about 2 1/2 weeks. When we’re home, I want to spend a lot of time enjoying our backyard and playing with my kids.
    Alysia George recently posted..9 Days and Counting ‘Til Summer BreakMy Profile

    • Mrs. Weber says

      I will totally let you know about sunflowers…I’m on a mission!

      Can’t wait to read about all your adventures. I totally want to do a road trip west once our kids are grown. ENJOY!!!

      • says

        Okay…where did you find the sunflowers?? When we were driving on I-94 through North Dakota, there were fields of them EVERYWHERE…but I couldn’t find anywhere to pull off & take pictures! The best I could do was snap a few shots from a rest stop, but I couldn’t get any really good ones.
        Alysia George recently posted..ElevenMy Profile

      • Mrs. Weber says

        I found the sunflowers in Howell, so a bit of a drive for you! Maybe do some investigating if you’re heading north sometime soon?!

  2. says

    What great ideas! I’m not nearly as organized. But my short list would include:
    a trip to the Canton splash pad at Heritage Park – have you tried it? It’s free!
    a workshop at Pewabic Pottery – actually a workshop for the kids, a tour for me.
    plenty of ice cream from some of our favorites – Ray’s, Farmhouse, Clark’s and DQ!

    Thanks for getting me to start planning!

    • Mrs. Weber says

      Oooh, good stuff! I just read about that splash pad in Canton…Didn’t know it was free. So awesome! Thanks for sharing :)

      And Pewabic is one of my Detroit faves. The kids (and you!) will love the workshop/tour.

  3. says

    Glad my “Campfire Cones” made the top 10 of your summer bucket list. :) Thank you for the mention, hope you have an awesome summer! Jessica

    • Mrs. Weber says

      So glad you saw this, Jessica! I’ve been drooling over those cones for months now :) Thanks for sharing your delicious treat with the world!

  4. says

    Wow you have a lot on there! Sunflowers are my favorite flowers :) I’ve seen those campfire cones on pinterest, I’m planning on trying them this summer too! You should post updates when you have items to check off (with pictures of course :) )
    Erin recently posted..Summer Vaca: Day #1My Profile

  5. Sarah says

    Awesome list, yet again! The sunflower fields on Chilson always tempt me to stop, but I never have my fancy cam on me! Let’s make it a point when I come visit to go out there 😉

    • Mrs. Weber says

      My friend told me about those ones, so I was hoping they’d be back this year. And yes, let’s go when you’re in town! That way you can take pics of me and I can take pics of you! They are the happiest flowers ever :)

  6. says

    #10 is making me hungry … what is a pizza hobo pie?!
    S’more are delicious, I haven’t had them since Blue Lake (camp for violin/fine arts I used to go to every summer in middle/high school). You need the proper fire and whatnot for them. :)

    Summer Bucket List, hmm. Well, one is to go to my first blogging conference, which I will do at BlogHer in August :). Other than that … I’d have to think about it.
    Liz recently posted..Snow White and the HuntsmanMy Profile

    • Mrs. Weber says

      OMG, pizza hobo pies are the best…Take 2 pieces of bread, slather them w/pizza sauce and add all the toppings you’d like. You need a “sandwich maker” to make them (can be bought anywhere). Roast them over the fire, and voila! Delish.

      Sooo exciting that you’re going to BlogHer. One of these years I’d love to attend…If I can find sponsors. Can’t wait to hear about your adventures there!

  7. says

    That does sound good! I do have a panini maker, if that’s what you mean. I used it a lot in college for sandwiches.

    No sponsor for BlogHer, unfortunately, but I won some roundtrip air tix from Orbitz this year that I will use :) going to go to RI first to visit family, then take Amtrak from there.

    • Mrs. Weber says

      Well, I mean a campfire friendly sandwich maker. They may also be called Tonka Toasters. So good.

      What an adventure you’re going to have – sounds like a blast of a trip!

  8. says

    How is going to the beach not on your list!? I’m definitely accomplishing that as often as possible. I also want to play a few new golf courses, go to a few baseball games, and have a few-day boat trip with my friends, stopping at dockside bars along the way!

    • Mrs. Weber says

      Well, let me just say going to the beach should be implied with some of the things I plan to do. Couldn’t miss out on that for sure!

      Golf sounds great too. I just need some lessons first.

  9. says

    I somehow like the concept of a Bucket List. It’s not prevalent in our geography, but I secretly had one of my own. Watching the sunset over the lake, is the similarity in our lists. Brilliant, it would be.